CARAT London Review: Amaia Medium Hoop Earrings


Glittering Gift ideas

If this style of hoop suits you, there are other items in the collection which would work well together. Sometimes it’s lovely to give a set of jewellery together. 

I’ve got my eye on the rainbow tennis bracelet which has the usual timeless row of gemstones but these are a line of different coloured diamonds. 

If you want a real showstopper the Ilaria ring in 9k yellow gold is just incredible. A line of tiny diamonds surrounds the ring with a baguette diamond in the centre. The band itself is really delicate and so beautiful. 

Both of these items would work well with the Amaia Hoop Earrings and make the special someone very happy! 

CARAT* London Gemstones

You can’t go wrong when gifting jewellery as a present. This is something which shows how much effort you have made and the great thought you given for the recipient. 

What I appreciate about CARAT* London is that they offer alternatives to mined gemstones. As we all become more aware of where our spending takes us. The effect we have on our environment and the impact we have on communities, it’s great to know there are other options open to us. 

From Cubic Zirconia crystal to lab-created diamonds, high-quality hand and machine cut stones are available to us and offer the same qualities and beauty. This is reassuring and important when gifting items to others. 

It’s no surprise that I’ve been impressed with CARAT* London jewellery and having my own Amaia earrings to wear has meant I have first hand experience of the quality. 

I’ve already had so many wonderful comments about the gold vermeil hoops, I can’t wait to start teaming them with summer dresses in Italy this year! 

Knowing that along with the piece being a joy to wear I can be assured it’s ethically created is very important to me. We should all be looking for sustainable ways to shop without losing the beauty around us. 


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