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Career-change for teachers: Tips for an educators business with edTonomy


We want to help teachers make the right choice for their future, whatever that may be. Perhaps you would like a better work-life balance, more job security or want to use your teaching skills in a dfferent way. As a mom who changed career away from the corporate world, I completely understand that you may have reached a point where you would like to try a new career path, which fits with your life and family. 

This is why I’m excited to share a new platform which is about to launch called edTonomy. Created by a former teacher, edTonomy is a resource to empower teachers with the tools to launch, manage, and scale your private education business or side-hustle. Maybe you’ve just started to grow your teaching business? Are you hoping to create a side hustle to supplement your teaching salary, or maybe transition beyond the classroom to launch your own a private teaching practice? Either way you’re in the right place.  

EdTonomy is the first all-in-one TMS (teaching management system) of its kind. The edTonomy software was designed by a former 5th grade classroom teacher, with teachers at the forefront of their mind when developing this platform. 

How does it work? 

When you first login to edTonomy, you’ll find a Dashboard with your profile information. This is where you can add a photo, your biography or teaching credentials, education degree details and links. You can also view recent lessons and the attendances. There is a snapshot of what’s coming up in your calendar so you have an overview of the week ahead. 

We found the PlanBook section really useful. Here you have an online diary where you can add new classes, events, lessons and even catchups for informal chats with students. When you go in to create a lesson you can give it a name, select how attendees will sign up. Add the length of the class, the date, if the class repeats and the price of that class. You can also notify parents that a student has been registered for that class. We love that you can also send a reminder about the class in advance to your students. This basically takes care of all the administrative roles you need to play when having your own business and helps with time management. 

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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