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Catch the Gameplay Trailer for Propagation: Paradise Hotel

This post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with WanadevStudio.

A strange and unidentified illness has ravaged the world, leaving it a shell of the society you once knew. Luckily, you’re safe from the hellscape outside… for now. WanadevStudio presents a solo survival adventure like no other with Propagation: Paradise Hotel.

This virtual reality experience is jam-packed with all the essentials for a horror game. It’s more than your typical wave shooter or multiplayer beat-them-all. This immersive story aims to capture your attention immediately and keep you exploring in your headset for hours. Developers mesh terrifying visuals, sound design, and music to employ your senses.

Step into the shoes of Emily Diaz, a young bartender holed up in the hotel’s kitchen with Owen, a security guard. While you’re not in immediate danger, you discover that your sister, Ashley, is on the other side of the doors, and you have no idea if she’s safe. The last radio message said she was meeting a rescue team on the roof. The only hope for any of you is to make it to the meet-up point before one of the many savage creatures finds you first.

Collect weapons and tools to help you along the journey, but know each item has a specific purpose. Use them wisely because supplies are already limited and dwindling quickly in this horrific world with zombies, monsters, and mutants. In addition, you’ll need to be in good shape throughout the escape, so grab health bottles whenever you see them.

As Emily, losing your twin sister is the worst part about the end of the world. You’re desperate to find her, so get ready for a rollercoaster of high emotions and intense phases of stealth. You thought you were the only survivors, but you’ll meet trapped others as you explore every dark corridor. Some will help you, and others are dangerous enemies.

Gather resources, solve puzzles, choose to avoid or confront enemies, and do it all with either free-movement or teleportation locomotion. So naturally, things will get gory and bloody and scare you straight to hell when you’re face-to-face with an undead creep.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel is available to purchase on the Meta and Steam stores on May 4th, 2023. The game is already available to wishlist on Steam, so be one of the first people to survive.

Watch the gameplay trailer today and prepare for some post-apocalyptic monster mashing:

Do you want to know more? Stay updated with the WanadevStudio team on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, or connect with them on Discord. Make sure to follow the official PropagationVR Twitter page, too!

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