Certificates, sending recordings and feedback. Learn about the new 3-in-1 add-on


ClickMeeting’s pricing is very simple and transparent. You can decide the number of attendees for your events, but also whether you want to use automation. Now users of Live plans can reach some of the features already known from Automated plans thanks to an add-on!

With the new add-on, you get access to three features that cater to the needs of your attendees and help you create even more engaging events. You can automatically send:

  • Certificates of attendance
  • An event recording
  • A request to share feedback.

Even better: now you can try this add-on for 14 days!

Try out the add-on

And why should you do it and how do these features work? You’ll find the answers below.

Do I get a recording? And a certificate? The answer is YES!

There are several fixed points of every event. And by no means are we talking about the welcome, presentation and farewell. At the vast majority of webinars, but also at many meetings, there are questions about recordings. Many people also expect a certificate of participation – a document that confirms that they took part in the event and thus acquired important and useful competencies.

This can look like the following:

ClickMeeting users who have chosen one of the Automated plans can answer both questions yes. All they have to do is use the “Automation” tab available when creating a new event. In addition, they also have the opportunity to include a request to share feedback in the thank you message.

From now on, this can also look similar if you have a Live account. Why take advantage of this opportunity? There are many reasons. First of all:

  • It’s what your participants expect: there’s a reason why questions about recordings and certificates come up so often.
  • You increase your reach: some people drop out of your events because the timing doesn’t suit them. Thus, you lose contact with them, but also valuable data that you can use for marketing purposes, for example. Make sure your audience receives a recording of the webinar for each person registered. Problem solved!
  • You increase the prestige: the certificate that everyone will receive after the event is a really important impact factor. Of course, participants can also share the document on their social media, for example, which will allow you to promote your business even more effectively.
  • You’ll get feedback: getting to know your audience’s honest opinion is the cornerstone, without which you won’t be able to grow and create better and better events. And using our add-on will allow you to ask for it in a simple and non-intrusive way.
  • You don’t have to do anything: importantly, everything happens automatically. All you have to do is select the appropriate options when creating an event. The system will send emails to your attendees enriched with recordings, certificates and a request for feedback. Of course, you decide on your own whether you want to use all the options in a particular case.


How to share recordings, certificates and ask for feedback?


Let’s move on to practice. And let me warn you in advance: this section will not be too elaborate, because “arming” your event with the features that the participants themselves expect is really simple.

You’ll find them in the “Automation” tab when creating a new event.

Then click on the “Follow-up actions” option and find the “Automated thank you message” section there.

You need to enable this feature. Next, you can enter a custom message that will be sent to attendees, as well as specify what extras you want to include in it.

Note that you will only be able to send certificates if your event has registration enabled.

Want to learn more about add-ons?

We have prepared a page for you where you can read about all ClickMeeting add-ons. With them you will instantly increase the capabilities of your account: buy more space for recordings or files, get personalized support, get high quality with livestreaming, gain the ability to create several events simultaneously or organize a large conference with ClickConference. You can also purchase add-ons directly in your account panel!


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