Children’s Day

This coming Sunday, April 30th, is Children’s Day (Día del Niño) in Mexico.  While downtown I saw this sign at the entrance to a bakery.


Spoil them with a miniature cake.

This billboard along Patriotismo Avenue is from Sanborns, the ubiquitous chain of restaurants/ pharamcies / gift shops.

“Haz realidad sus sueños”

Make their dreams come true.

In elementary schools across the country, classes will have a party this week to celebrate Children’s Day.  However, Alejandro’s nephew Ezra will not have a class party since he is now in junior high school.  Instead, they celebrate Students’ Day (Día del Estudiante) which is May 23rd.  Even though Ezra is nearly a teenager now, Alejandro and I bought him a couple small presents for Children’s Day.

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