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Chinese New Year Zodiac Coloring Lanterns for Kids

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with these free printable Chinese Zodiac coloring pages that turn into lanterns. Children can color the zodiac animals and then easily turn them into Chinese lanterns! 

These FREE printable Chinese zodiac coloring lanterns includes all 12 animals of the zodiac. You can print whichever animal the current year is. Kids can color the page and then turn it into a Chinese lantern by folding, cutting and taping. 

Step 1:

Print & color the desired page.

Step 2:

Fold the page in half lengthwise across the animals.

Step 3:

Cut along the dashed lines.

Step 4:

Unfold the paper and roll it to create the lantern shape. Tape the edges at the top and bottom.

Step 5:

Attach a strip of colored paper or a string to make the handle. Enjoy!

Download each Chinese Zodiac Animal Lantern below:

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Rizwan Ahmed
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