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Colorado Community Association Manager Program Legislation

Passed on May 3rd, the licensing program for community association managers (CAMs), who engage in the business of handling certain matters on behalf of the executive boards of common interest communities, was created in 2013 and sunsetted on July 1, 2018. HB19-1212, passed by the Colorado Legislature on May 3rd, 2019, recreates and reenacts the CAM licensing program and the duties and responsibilities of the division of real estate and its director with regard to CAM licensing, as they exist on June 30, 2018, with amendments reflecting an extended sunset date to 2020.  It is important to note the Governor has 30 days to sign or veto the bill before it becomes law.

The recommendations of the department of regulatory agencies as contained in its 2017 sunset report as well as other changes which have been made in accordance with the sunset report are:

  • Allowing certain ministerial functions to be delegated to unlicensed persons while maintaining the license requirement for higher-level management functions such as the conduct of board meetings, handling of money, and negotiation of maintenance contracts.
  • Updating circumstances in which direct supervision of an apprentice is required; specifying that a supervising manager is accountable for the actions of an apprentice; and giving the director authority to adopt rules governing supervision of apprentices; and
  • Removing the automatic acceptance of certain private credentials as qualifications for licensure and substituting a requirement that the director specify the acceptable credentials by rule. Some credentials are still listed.

Additional changes include the creation of a stakeholder committee to make recommendations to the director of the division of real estate regarding changes to the rules, adoption of guidelines and processes for the handling of complaints, and other matters on which the director seeks input. This board will help finalize a Division report to the Legislature during the 2020 term which is expected to assist in the creation of final rules which will need to be put in place prior to September 1st, 2020.

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