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Construction Report

On each trip I like to follow the progress of the many construction projects in the city. Last Wednesday I walked from the San Carlos Museum back to my apartment in the Nápoles neighborhood.  My walk took me along the Paseo de Reforma and down Insurgentes Avenue.

Just off of Reforma is the new BeGrand Reforma, a residential and office tower which appears to be approaching completion.

The building has reached its height of fifty stories, and it appears that the finishing touches are being completed before the grand opening.  At the front, greenery has been planted up the wall, a decorative touch that I have seen in many buildings in Mexico City.

A bit further down Reforma, the University Tower continues to rise above the old mansion which serves as the headquarters of the exclusive University Club.

The 57 floor residential tower will offer luxury condos in what the advertising calls “the most exclusive corridor in the entire country”. 

Turning onto Insurgentes Avenue, on the corner of Havre Street, is this building project which I have shown you before.  An apartment building is being built which incorporates the facade of an older art deco structure.  I posted a photo last year of the comical legs of a woman in fish-net stockings and high heels which hang from the construction site.

The construction does not seem to have progressed much from last year, but this image I found on the internet shows what the completed tower will look like.

 At street level, here is the doorway to the original art deco building.  The signs say, “The Havre Tower, contemporary art deco” and “preservation of the art deco facade”.

Heading down Insurgentes, how did I ever miss this construction project on my last trip down here?

Right across the street work has begun on another apartment building.  The structure will have a ground floor with stores, and above that, 12 stories with 228 apartments.

 “Live in the heart of La Roma”

Continuing down Insurgentes I came to another tall, shiny building which I have no idea how I missed on previous trips. 


It appears that finishing touches are still being done on the lobby, and the apartments above are not yet occupied.  However, a brand-new “Cielito Querida Café” (a Mexican chain which is a competitor of Starbucks) has already opened on the ground floor.

Finally, just a couple blocks away from my apartment, there is this project which I have been observing over the last several trips down here.  It is going to house a Hyatt Regency Hotel and luxury condos.  It must be almost complete, because the Hyatt website says that they are accepting reservations beginning on April 19th, next week.

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Rizwan Ahmed
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