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Dice Doubles versus Cone Flip

Students enjoy quick challenges. Dice Doubles versus Cone Flip is exactly that. Mainly used as an instant activity, students roar with excitement when they enter the gym to discover what is first on the day’s plan.


  • As students enter the gym, half receive two dice while the other half receive a cone.
  • A student with dice partners up with a student with a cone.
  • Then it’s GAME ON!

Goal: To be the first player to either land the cone on its base or roll doubles with the dice first.

How to Play:

  • The challenge begins with 10 jumping jacks and a handshake (or knuckles)
  • One player rolls the dice while the other flips the cone, trying to land it on its base.
  • Whoever rolls dice double or lands the flipped cone first wins the round.
  • After each round, students acknowledge each other by saying “good game,”  trade equipment, and then search for another opponent.

The excitement and challenges are just two of the reasons I love this activity. It’s also sprinkled with fitness and promotes sportsmanship. It’s important to remind students prior to beginning and during DICE DOUBLES versus CONE FLIP to complete their jumping jacks and shake hands prior to EVERY round.

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Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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