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Digital Artist Behind Iconic PS5 Campaign Launches Evolving VR Art Gallery

You might not recognize the name Maxim Zhestkov, but if you paid any attention to the launch of PlayStation 5, you’ll almost certainly recognize his iconic digital art which accompanied the reveal of the console. Now Zhestkov has launched a virtual gallery that he says will feature and ever-growing collection of his digital works.

Maxim Zhestkov is the artist behind the satisfying swarm of particles that that accompanied the reveal of PS5 back in 2020.

Much of Zhestkov’s work similarly employs space, motion, shapes, and sound, which makes virtual reality the perfect medium for others to experience it.

To that end Zhestkov has released a new VR experience called Modules, a virtual gallery where he’s shared 11 different works which users can explore at their own pace and from any angle, complete with artist commentary on each piece.

Modules is rendered in real-time and available on both Quest headsets and PC VR (as well as non-VR via Steam). Ironically, despite Zhestkov’s work on the PS5 reveal, the project isn’t available on PSVR 2.

Zhestkov says that Modules will “expand to contain [my] entire body of work.”

One of the scenes in ‘Modules’ | Image courtesy Maxim Zhestkov

“Over the course of years, the project will grow as the artist grows, expanding into new territories and blurring the boundaries between art, games, and reality,” he says.

The project’s website contains a roadmap of future expansions, with an ‘Interactive’ segment coming in Fall 2023, followed by ‘Collaborative’ and ‘Creative’ segments next year.

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