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Discreet height- and sideways-adjustable washbasin launches that creates space in bathrooms – AT Today – Assistive Technology

Manufacturer Pressalit has launched a new height- and sideways-adjustable washbasin that is designed to create space and accessibility in bathrooms.

Matrix comes with a choice of integrated basin styles, Matrix Medium or Matrix Deep Angle, and features a new, simple-to-use, and discreet adjustment for both height and sideways movement.

It is designed to make the best use of space in the bathroom while accommodating the changing needs of users and caregivers. Supporting self-reliance, space optimisation, and a sense of security in the bathroom, the adjustable washbasin is designed for use in a wide variety of installations, from a private home, care setting, institution, or a hospital.

Whether for a seated or standing user, or when a carer is assisting, the Matrix washbasin offers a flexible solution and safe working environment, Pressalit emphasises.

Andrew Lowndes, Sales Director for Pressalit in the UK, commented: “Some people need a lot of help in the bathroom, others little or none. The new Matrix basin bracket is a flexible solution, taking into account the specific needs of the user at any given time.

“By simple adjustment for height, or to create space sideways for greater access to the shower or toilet for wheelchairs, this helps create situations that boost self-reliance and help provide a greater degree of freedom.”

The easy-to-move washbasin can be adjusted smoothly sideways to a range of 500mm to create greater access when using the shower or toilet for a wheelchair user and carer by means of a discreet handle located underneath the basin. Adjustment can be carried out safely with one hand and requires very little hand strength to operate.

The vertical rise and fall allows for a variation of 300mm, with options available for either a manual handle or intuitive electric power button. The electric power button is recommended for a care or hospital setting where frequent adjustment is required, offering time-saving benefits and improved working conditions for staff. Whereas the manual solution is suitable for a bathroom where there is only one user or multiple users with the same needs.

In addition, Matrix Medium and Matrix Deep Angle washbasins both feature integrated handles for additional user support.

With both hygiene and aesthetics in mind, the discreet washbasin bracket’s operating panel fits tightly against the wall and snugly against the washbasin, preventing dust and dirt from settling in hard-to-reach places. All surfaces are large, smooth, and easy to wipe, the designer adds.

Earlier this year, Pressalit’s assistive technologies were installed in Leuchie House, a national respite charity that provides care for its guests. Solutions from Pressalit were fitted in Leuchie House’s guest kitchen and ensuite bathrooms, helping guests benefit from the independence assistive technology can provide. Find out more here.


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