Do You Own a Multifamily Property? Here Is Some Security-Related Guidance


If you are a real estate investor who owns multifamily housing complexes, you would want to make your residents feel safe and secure, whether old or new. Any property needs to incorporate proper measures to discourage crimes. It’s an entire process requiring sound strategizing to understand how to equip the premises better with world-class technology. Let’s consider a few factors.

A thorough analysis of everything

Property location indicates security threats. You can scan records of physical assaults, car thefts, and burglaries, along with crime statistics for the area, to gauge risks. Once you figure out the top threat, you would want to know the potential of something happening and its consequences. The first instinct can be to trigger security measures at once. However, such knee-jerk decisions can ruin your entire efforts. It would help if you proactively chalked a security plan to reduce risks cost-effectively. Choose anything based on the most likely occurrence of an incident and then address others per your budget. For instance, professional-grade intercom systems for business can be a solution depending on the complex’s area.

Nonetheless, you must approach the entire situation in a balanced way. The security systems should include physical measures, electronic devices, and more. As mentioned, it’s a process that deserves a thorough examination. Quick fixes can only marginally improve your situation. While equipment is one thing, you can also educate society dwellers about personal and property safety steps. Make them aware of the power of communication in risky situations. They must inform the property manager of any crime that may have occurred or has become a recurring scene. In those situations, they need awareness about proper security measures. At the same time, all doors and windows should be strong. To prevent intrusions or trespassing, install intercoms at different entry points to block property access requests.

Criminals who target multifamily properties can easily manage standardized locks. However, high-security lock mechanisms connected to intercoms can thwart their entry. Although implementing door intercom systems helps a lot, it’s also good to renew the lock systems of all the flats with better versions. Also, it’s advisable to include intercoms with video capabilities to record any suspicious activity.

A unique security mechanism – intercom stations

After examining all the essential details, you must have concluded that installing intercoms can be one of the first steps toward protecting everyone. These security tools come with voice messaging capability across two or more locations. The units usually lie at the entrance door and the administrator’s office. When installed, visitors can use the intercom to reach out to someone known from the building. Interestingly, commercial buildings also place intercoms at vehicle gates and dock doors. No matter the requirement, intercom systems come in numerous styles. For instance, a simple design can have a substation and master station. The master station stays indoors to receive messages, while substations dot the entrance area. Just as office buildings lock the front doors and open them only after receiving a message, housing communities can also take a cue from them.

The master station can have many components, such as a talk button, amp, speaker, volume control, and more. The substation can only have a call button and a speaker. A visitor pushes the substation’s call button, which triggers a ring in the master station, alerting the receptionist to attend the call. The person hits the talk button and then releases it to allow the visitor to speak. After communication exchanges, the admin or security guard can end the connection.

Many commercial places use numerous master stations, typically against one substation each. Suppose there are a security room and a receptionist desk. The receptionist manages all calls during the daytime, while the security control unit handles this in the late hours. For such scenarios, multiple master units can work best. Sometimes, all master stations can receive calls from substations. In those setups, the call received by one master station gets ignored by the rest as the light indicator shows busy status.

Most intercom stations are either hands-free or handset styles. Something with a microphone or speaker as part of the built-in design is a hands-free model. Handsets are usually wired systems and work efficiently even in a noisy background. You can also expect privacy. However, these can wear and tear with time.

Interestingly, some versions use both styles in one. Then, you must be aware of wireless and wired systems. Wired models are traditional and require lower voltage to operate. If you install complicated or more extensive versions, your purchasing and installation costs can increase. Some find these more reliable and easy to maintain, though.

On the other hand, wireless intercoms run on radio signals, creating a communication path between the master station and substations without wiring. These simple-to-install devices reduce a lot of effort and time. However, these may not be efficient in an environment where substations lie too far away from each other. Even buildings containing steel and concrete materials in large volumes may have to look for alternatives. But private homes can consider them. Nowadays, video intercoms have become a popular surveillance feature. These come with substations and a video camera to capture the visitor. It can be a fixed or adjustable camera. Although these resemble standard master stations, one differentiator can be the availability of a video monitor to check the visuals.

A few key things

Fully integrated security systems, such as an intercom with video and door access control, can enhance any place’s safety measures. The security team can hear and see the activities at the door and warn anyone violating the protocols.

Whether residential or commercial property, it needs proper security arrangements for its assets – people, belongings, and more. Any damage or threat can ruin its public image. A real estate investor would want all the apartments in the complex gets quickly sold. But that depends on how much a place makes people feel safe. You communicate your intentions when you install all the necessary security tools like intercoms. As hinted earlier, you must explore the options before executing a plan. Check whether your property requires professional-grade or regular systems. If you adopt something with full knowledge, you reap its benefits to complete satisfaction.


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