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Get access to latest and updated syllabus of Prerequisite Competencies (PRC) subjects. Here you will find detailed course content or Syllabus of PRC-1 BUSINESS WRITING AND COMPREHENSION SKILLS .

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PRC-1 Syllabus GRID:

Syllabus ReferenceGridHoursWeightage
BIdea Generation and Arguments15-2020-30
CBusiness Correspondence30-3540-60

PRC-1 Key Examinable Technical Competencies:

Syllabus Ref.Learning OutcomeProficiency LevelTesting Level
A. Comprehension
1Apply skimming and scanning reading techniques.P1T1
2Summarize a given text.P2T2
3List down essential points briefly.P1T1
B. Idea Generation and Arguments
1Apply brainstorming and thinking techniques.P1T1
2Identify facts, assumptions, and opinions.P1T2
3Prepare argument for and against a subject matter.P2T2
C. Business Correspondence
1Apply specified vocabulary and phrases.P1T3
2Draft business reports, letters, memo and email messages.P2T3

PRC-1 Key Examinable Professional Skills

1Collect and summarize data and information from a variety of sources and perspectives
2Apply critical thinking skills to generate ideas
3Apply intellectual agility
4Communicate clearly and concisely when reporting in formal and informal situations

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