Downtown Miscellany


Last week I went downtown, and here are some miscellaneous photos that I took…

It appears that restoration work is underway on the winged figure which tops the dome of the Palace of Fine Arts.

On the city’s main plaza, the Zócalo there are a couple of colorful pavilions.  They have been there for a while.  Before I left on this trip, I noticed them on the Zócalo webcam.

Tables and chairs are set up under the pavilions, and it would seem that their only purpose is to provide shade and a place to sit for visitors to the plaza.

This banner on one of the buildings facing the Zócalo reflects the current controversy between President López Obrador and the INE (the National Electoral Institute).

The banner says “Don’t touch the INE.”

The President has sought to limit the budget, staffing and power of the independent institute.  Opponents say that the move is anti-democratic.  The issue will probably end up before the Mexican Supreme Court.

As always, there are street musicians on 16th of September Avenue, one of the streets which lead into the Zócalo.

I occasionally stop at a restaurant called “Casa Churra” for a bite to eat and a restroom break.  I asked the waitress to let me take a photo of the slogan on the back of her shirt.

“Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can eat today.”


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