Easter Dinner


On Easter, I wanted to take Alejandro, his father, his sister and nephew out for dinner.  We talked about going to one of the branches of “El Cardenal” which is a favorite of ours.  However, that would involve quite a bit of driving, and the restaurant closes at 6:30.  We decided instead to go to an Argentinian steakhouse called “El Diez” which is located in a nearby shopping mall.  It is part of a chain in Mexico City, and the name “El Diez” (The Ten) is a reference to the number of the famous Argentinian soccer star Maradona.  I had never been there before, but Alejandro’s family had gone a few weeks ago.  Alejandro’s father, who does not leave the house much, liked the place and seemed enthusiastic about going there again.

From the rather extensive menu, we chose the “tabla” (board) for six people which included beef, pork, chicken breast, chorizo sausage, “empanadas” (turnovers with a savory filling), rice, French fries, and salad.  

Three of us also ordered “jugo de carne”, a soup which is a rich beef broth.  Sandra, Alejandro and I shared a pitcher of “clericot”, a beverage made with red wine and fruit which is similar to “sangría”.  Although the quality of the beef cannot compare with that of Argentina (which forever spoiled me), it was a tasty and filling meal.

After that spread of food I didn’t plan on having dessert, but the others did… even Alejandro’s father.  So, Alejandro and I shared a piece of cheesecake.


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