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Embracing Change and Exploring Philly

It has been a quick 3 weeks into the term and I can say that my transition into Drexel these past few weeks has been one roller-coaster ride and yet a truly eye-opening experience. This is an ever-evolving adventure and there’s no better proof of that than when you find yourself thousands of miles from home embarking on an experience of change and adaptation.

The first thing that struck me about Drexel was definitely the size of its campus. It’s really vast and spread out compared to my home university which is a compact, hill-like yet city-centered campus. The campus at Drexel creates a unique atmosphere that’s very student-oriented, especially with neighboring universities such as UPenn. There’s space for everything and everyone and it fosters an environment where students can explore, socialize and study at their own pace.

The contrast between my hometown and Philly couldn’t be more pronounced. Philadelphia is a city with a personality of its own. It defied my initial notions and was nothing like what I expected. What I love about Philly is the perfect blend of bustling, crowded streets in some areas and tranquil, peaceful pockets in others. It truly offers the best of both worlds, catering to the needs of city enthusiasts and those who crave some peace and calm.

One of the most captivating aspects of Philadelphia is its rich history. This city is where it all began and the echoes of the past can be felt everywhere. Walking through Old City, you can’t help but sense the vibe of history. The cobblestone streets, the centuries-old architecture and the landmarks of the American Revolution, such as Penn’s Landing, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell make it an incredibly intriguing place to explore.

The transition to Drexel and adapting to life in Philadelphia has been a journey of contrasts and surprises. It’s a testament to the power of change and the value of experiencing different cultures and environments. While I miss the familiarity of home, I’m excited about the opportunities that this new experience has opened up across the world.

But the changes extend beyond just the physical landscape. At Drexel, I’ve found an education culture that encourages collaboration and discussion within classes, with relatively smaller class sizes. This approach, although different from my home university’s semester system, has been a breath of fresh air. It helps me understand the content better through engaging discussions and provides opportunities to get to know my classmates on a deeper level.

View from 3675 Market, Drexel’s College of Computing and Informatics

As I settle into this dynamic city and explore the vast Drexel campus, I’m reminded that every step we take away from our comfort zone is a step towards growth. Embracing change, appreciating diversity, and savoring every moment of this journey is what makes it all worthwhile.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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