Every Teacher Wedding Needs a Student Surprise Like This One


The old “don’t let ’em see you smile until Christmas” advice is long gone. As teachers, we know that building relationships with students creates an optimal learning environment. We want to know them as individuals, and we want them to know us.

For many people, their wedding is the most important day of their life. And since our students are so important to us, in some cases it only makes sense to make them a part of the big day.

But the students in this viral TikTok went beyond standard matrimonial support. They surprised their teacher, Miss Caitlin, with an intricately choreographed, joyful dance at her wedding to show just how much they love her (and how much she’s taught them!).

Teacher, performer, and choreographer Katie Laduca posted the full video of the routine with the caption “such a great night! congratulations miss caitlin🫶🏽🍾!” Someone in the comments mentioned her enthusiasm as she cheered them on from behind the phone:

Here’s how the dance went down (and the catchy song is “The Tuxedo Way” by Tuxedo, if you’re wondering).

First, the girls lined up in formation:

The music plays, and they get a little funky with it. It’s on now!

The dance-teacher bride grooves along with her girls:

The dance ends with lots of heart poses and cries of “We love you!”

The bride rushes in for a group hug, and their sweet student-teacher bond is on full display:

Watch the full video here:


Replying to @urjrntnnta we’ll toast to that 🥂#weddingtok #weddingdances #weddingreception #weddingday #weddingsurprise

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey


Choreography like this doesn’t just happen. Hours of work and careful planning go into pulling something like this off. Dedication like that shows how much the girls appreciate their teacher.

The TikTok comments appreciated the love for the teacher and noted how the dancers “ate!”

Have you ever invited your students to a big life event? Tell us about it in the comments!

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