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Expert Tips for Teaching an ACT Prep Course

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As a teacher, you know that the ACT has become essential in college admissions. And if your students are planning on taking it, they need more than just good luck. With some guidance and preparation skills from you, their success can be guaranteed. With patience, knowledge of key concepts about the ACT’s structure and scoring system, and lots of practice, you can help your pupils be well-equipped for test day. 

Here’s what to keep in mind when tutoring for this critical exam. 

1. Know the Content 

This may seem obvious, but you must have a deep understanding of the material if you want your students to succeed. Mastering the content will enable you to both answer your students’ questions and assist your students in grasping challenging ideas more easily. 

2. Use Relevant Materials 

As you go about structuring your ACT prep course, consider finding relevant materials for your students. Incorporating real-world examples and stories they can relate to will bring the material to life, aiding in their better understanding and memorization. 

3. Set Clear Objectives 

Want your ACT prep course to be a smashing success? Make sure you have clear objectives. This helps keep the class focused on their common goal. Also, set achievable goals for each student so they can feel proud of their accomplishments. 

4. Implement Different Teaching Styles 

When it comes to teaching an ACT prep course, having variety in your approach is key. Mixing up the way you deliver content can make all the difference for your students. Use visual aids and videos if some learners thrive off visuals; hold group discussions for those who prefer collaborative learning. By using diverse methods, you are sure to engage every type of student in your class. 

5. Plan Your Time Properly 

Developing a practical ACT prep course starts with allocating time properly. Plan enough for each section so that students have the chance to engage and ask questions. Plus, scheduling breaks in between will help them from feeling overwhelmed! 

6. Evaluate Progress 

Gathering feedback is an essential part of the teaching process. Evaluating student progress at the end of each session can help you get a sense of where your students are and make adjustments to your methods as needed. This ensures your students master all ACT topics, making them well-equipped to tackle any test question. 

Where to Find Students for Your ACT Prep Course

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Teaching an ACT prep course could be a great way to help students reach their goals, but where do you find students? Start your journey by checking out these top spots: 

  • Local Schools: Reach out to high school counselors, teachers, and administrators to let them know about your ACT prep courses. There are often lists of instructors and tutors that students can look through to find the help they need. 
  • Word of Mouth: Ask your friends, family members, and colleagues if they know someone who needs help with their ACT preparation. 
  • Online Ads: Create advertisements on social media platforms and other digital channels in order to attract potential students. 
  • Educational Websites: Look for websites that give advice and tips for the ACT or SAT exam, and showcase your services there. 
  • Tutoring Platforms: Consider registering with tutoring platforms such as TakeLessons so that students can easily discover you. 

Get Them Ready for The Finish Line

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The ACT can be a daunting exam for high school students, but by following these six tips, you can help your students feel more confident and prepared.  With your guidance and support, your students can overcome the challenges of the ACT and cross the finish line with flying colors!

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