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Farewell to Cuetzalan

On Monday, May 1st, Alejandro and I returned to Mexico City after our roadtrip to Cuetzalan.  It was another beautifully sunny day, so before we checked out of our hotel, we took another walk around the picturesque town.  Here are some more photos of magical Cuetzalan…

Alejandro trying to climb the pole used by the “voladores”?

It was time to get on the road and make the arduous journey back to Mexico City.  We left the “municipio” (county) of Cuetzalan.  “Regresa pronto” the sign says.  “Return soon.”

And once we were out of Cuetzalan, the highway was again a horrendous road filled with potholes.

It’s a shame that Alejandro had to focus all his attention on the road and couldn’t enjoy the scenery of the “Sierra de Puebla”.

Finally, we were out of the “Sierra”, and back on well-maintained roads for the rest of the journey.

A little after 4 P.M. we reached Alejandro’s family’s house in Mexico City. We were very tired, but very glad that we had made the trip to Cuetzalan.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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