Free Fraction Practice (Self-Grading Google Forms for Embedded Skills)


My students always seemed to struggle with all.the.steps involved in fraction operations. To help, I made sure to practice (and assess and practice some more) all the embedded fraction skills that tripped my students up. If your students are anything like mine were, grab the free fraction practice shared on this post. The best part? It’s self-grading and no prep.

About the Self-Grading Fraction Practice

Imagine a world where you can see at a glance what your students grasp and what they’re stumbling over, without spending hours grading papers.

This is possible with self-grading multiple choice Google Forms. This type of practice gives you a quick glimpse of what your students know and don’t know with a few clicks of your mouse (to assign the practice and view the responses).

The forms are quick, they’re efficient, and they give you more time to focus on what really matters – teaching!

These free math Google Forms review embedded fraction skills that work well with 4th and 5th grade. 

There is a math Google Form for students to practice (or for you to assess):

💻Greatest Common Factor (GCF): The building block for simplifying fractions.

💻Least Common Multiple (LCM): Necessary for finding common denominators.

💻Combined GCF and LCM Practice: These can be tricky to keep straight. Use this form to review them both.

💻Finding Common Denominators: This skill is a must for 5th graders and will help 4th graders find equivalent fractions.

💻Simplifying Fractions: Do your students forget to write their answers in simplest form? This practice will help.

💻Mixed Numbers & Fractions Greater than 1: This fraction skill is embedded in fraction operations for 4th and 5th graders.

Each form features ten multiple-choice questions, complete with an answer key for easy scoring. This means instant feedback for students and less grading for you!

Free Google Form Recording Sheets

To add an extra layer of accountability, I recommend having students show their work AND turn it in. This can be done through a scratch piece of paper or a recording sheet.

Click here or on the image shown to grab free recording sheets that pair perfectly with Google Forms. These sheets are a great way to hold students accountable, analyze their work for errors, and make sure that students are engaging with the material, not just clicking through.

Grab the Free Fraction Practice Google Forms Here

Click on the image shown and enter your email to grab the free fraction practice. You will find all the details in the PDF and the links to access the forms.

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Want MORE Ready-to-Assign Google Forms?

If you love using these Google Forms, but don’t love creating them and setting them up for easy self-grading, I have just what you need!

Check out these ready-to-assign Google Forms for math and literacy.

All of the work has been done for you and they are ready for you to copy to your drive and assign your students!


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