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Free Printable Chore List for Kids by Age

Getting kids to help around the house and do chores isn’t always easy, but this free Printable Chore Chart by Age gives parents a heads up about what chores are appropriate for each age making it easier to assign chores and make sure they are done each day.

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Let’s print off this free chore chart for kids by age.

Printable Chore Chart for Kids

My parents motto was, “If you’re a part of this family then you help as a family,” and that is a motto that I still use till this day. That is why I love this chore list. We include everyone! Click the green button to download the chore list by age right now:

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This free printable chore chart includes: toddler chore chart printable ages 2 to 3, a printable chore chart for preschoolers ages 4-5, kindergarten chore chart that can be used for ages 6 to 8, a chore chart for older elementary kids and tweens ages 9-11, and a chore chart for teens or middle schoolers ages 12-14.

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Printable Chore Chart By Age

Parenting is hard work! Getting kids to help do chores is one of those tasks that feels like a constant uphill battle. No matter how old your kids are, there are chores that are appropriate for their age.

This Printable Chore List for Kids by Age breaks the tasks down into five age groups:

Toddler Chores List (Ages 2-3)

These chores are generally much easier and just teaching kids to pick up after themselves.

Some of the toddler chores are:

  • Pick up toys
  • Straighten covers on the bed
  • Tidy pillows on the sofa

Preschooler Chores List (Ages 4-5)

These chores build upon each other. They will do the toddler jobs and a few examples of the new list are:

  • Help put clothes in the washer and dryer
  • Put their clothes away
  • Feed the animals

Elementary Kids Chores List (Ages 6-8)

Again, the chore list builds. They will do the preschool and toddler jobs and then we add some new ones like:

  • Set the table
  • Sweep
  • Help put away groceries

Older Elementary Kids Chores List (Ages 9-11)

Again, we are just building on the previous chores. They will do the other lists as well as:

  • Clean toilets
  • Walk the dogs
  • Help pack their own lunch

Middle School Kids Chores List (Ages 12-14)

The teens will do all the above chore lists and here are some of the new ones the teens will do:

  • Mop Floors
  • Wash and dry their clothes
  • Help supervise younger children

Of course these aren’t the full lists, but we wanted to share a little of what was on each list.

Each age group builds upon the one before it to add more chores that kids are able to do. As always, if you need to adjust your child’s chores for their level, feel free to do so. This is just a good, printable guide that you can hang on the refrigerator for reference.

chore list for kids by age- toddlers ages 2 to 4 and preschoolers ages 4 to 5
Here is an example the toddler chore chart printable and preschooler chore chart printable.

Printable Chore List For Kids By Age

No matter how you motivate them, use the printable chore list for kids by age below to figure out which activities are most age-appropriate for your kids!

It is a good way to not only get your child to help out and learn to clean up after themselves, but it is a great way to teach about responsibility as well.

You never know what you have until you clean your room

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What would you add to the free printable chore chart for kids?

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