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GE Teach – Make Side-by-Side Map Comparisons in One Browser Tab

GE Teach is a great map tool that is developed and maintained by a high school teacher in Texas named Josh Williams. 

GE Teach has gone through a bunch of iterations over the years and the latest version is better than ever. On GE Teach students can compare two maps side-by-side. Students can select from gallery of map layers to compare side-by-side in GE Teach. In addition to comparing maps students can use drawing and measuring tools that you would typically find in Google’s My Maps and Earth tools.

Applications for Education
GE Teach provides a great way for students to compare data sets in a map environment. In the screenshot above you can see that I decided to compare energy use with population density. That comparison allows students to try to make correlations between energy use and population centers.

A bonus of GE Teach is that your students can enable the drawing and measuring tools without having to sign into a Google Account.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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