Go Fly a Kite


On Wednesday I went downtown again to visit one of my favorite small museums in Mexico City, the Museum of Popular Arts.  It seems that almost every time I come to Mexico City, there is another special exhibit at the museum that warrants a return visit on my part.

The museum is the sponsor of the the Alebrije Parade that is held each October as a kick-off to the Day of the Dead season.  In the courtyard there were several of the large, papier mache figures of fantastical creatures from the parade.

The museum also sponsors an annual contest of kites.  This is the sixteenth year for the contest, and the entries are on display, hanging from glass roof of the courtyard, through this coming weekend.

It was a bit difficult to try to photograph all of the individual kites, but here are some of the entries.

I don’t know if the kites were all tested to see if they could actually fly.  I also don’t know whether or not the judging has taken place yet.  There was no indication of which ones were winners.

There were a couple of other special exhibits, so there will be more to come from the Museum of Popular Arts.


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