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Guest Blogger Sebastian Maldonado, B.S., Public Health–Internship Highlights — more than sex-ed is a Los Angeles based project of Community Partners®

My name is Sebastian Maldonado and I am a departing intern at More Than Sex-Ed (MTSE). Thus far, I have loved my time here and have learned many invaluable lessons that will go beyond my time here. The ideology and culture at MTSE that I have picked up on is that every child deserves the opportunity to learn comprehensive sex ed that goes beyond the traditional meaning. MTSE’s curriculum and facilitators make children feel that it is ok to have questions about themselves and others, while giving them an open discourse to voice these questions. These curricula also look to set up an open environment beyond the classrooms, such as at home. Talking to parents and caregivers and giving them access to expert facilitators is a great way to set up this kind of environment. 

From my own personal experience, my sex ed in my younger school days was distinctly different from the one MTSE offers. For one, I love how MTSE emphasizes differences. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to sex ed, so emphasizing that everyone is different and comes from different backgrounds and experiences and more than anything, emphasizing the beauty in this diversity goes on to shape accepting individuals that recognize, respect and embrace this diversity. 

Something that I also love about MTSE that makes them different from other programs and organizations is that they speak about changes and teach children and parents how to welcome and deal with these changes. For me personally, puberty was a big change and I recall feeling fearful and unprepared for what was happening and what was yet to come. Curriculum like the one MTSE provides prepares these tweens for these changes by making them aware of them and giving them accurate information on how to welcome these changes. 

This organization truly lives up to its name “More Than.” It goes above and beyond when it comes to preparing parents and children to navigate through changes and challenges that one may encounter. Although I did not have access to a program like this growing up, I’m glad I got to know them sooner rather than later and proud to have contributed to this organization to hopefully give more people access to MTSE and all the resources we have to offer. 

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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