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Guest Post: Aakanksha Jain on Overcoming Challenges Faced by Children’s Authors

Aakanksha Jain loves to celebrate the magic of reading and the charm of books and is one of India’s top reviewers. Today she shares her ‘Guide to Success’ for overcoming some of the common challenges faced by those attempting to pen quality stories for young people.

Aspiring children’s authors often face a unique set of challenges on the path
to success. 

Writing for children requires a different approach than writing for
adults, and it can be difficult to create stories that are both engaging and
appropriate for a young audience. 

In this article, we will explore some of the
common problems faced by children’s authors and provide practical solutions for
overcoming them.

Challenge #1: Finding the right balance
One of the biggest challenges faced by children’s authors is finding the right
balance between entertainment and education. While children’s books should be
fun and engaging, they should also provide some educational value. The key is
to strike a balance that doesn’t overwhelm young readers with information but
still provides valuable lessons.

Solution: Think about your target audience and the message you want to
convey. Make sure that your story is age-appropriate and that the lessons you
are teaching are conveyed in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

Challenge #2: Creating relatable characters
Another challenge for children’s authors is creating relatable characters that
will resonate with young readers. Children want to see themselves in the
characters they read about, and it can be difficult to create characters that
are both unique and relatable.

Solution: Draw inspiration from your own experiences and those of the
children in your life. Think about the qualities that make a character
relatable and incorporate those into your writing. Use dialogue and action to
develop characters and make them more dynamic.

Challenge #3: Dealing with rejection
Rejection is a common experience for writers, and children’s authors are no exception.
It can be disheartening to receive rejection letters or negative feedback on
your work, especially when you’ve put so much time and effort into it.

Solution: Remember that rejection is a part of the writing process, and
that it is not a reflection of your talent or potential. Use rejection as an
opportunity to learn and grow as a writer. Seek feedback from other writers or
professionals in the industry and use it to improve your writing.

Challenge #4: Balancing creativity and commercial success
For many children’s authors, there is a tension between creativity and
commercial success. While it’s important to write from the heart and create
something that is unique and original, it’s also important to consider the
marketability of your work.

Solution: Find a balance between your creative vision and the needs of
the market. Do your research and understand what children are reading and what
is popular. Use this information to inform your writing and marketing strategy.

In conclusion, writing for children can be a challenging but rewarding
experience. By understanding the unique challenges faced by children’s authors
and implementing the solutions discussed in this article, you can create
stories that are engaging, educational, and commercially successful. Remember
to stay true to your vision, seek feedback from others, and always keep
learning and growing as a writer.

Author’s Bio – Aakanksha Jain is an Indian writer. Her first book is How to
Become an Amazon Influencer? and her second book is a collection of
micro-fiction stories named
Reflection, published in 2022. She is also the
founder of Books Charming, India’s Top Book Reviewing site.

 Follow  Aakanksha via her Instagram account.


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