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HAPTA Is L’Oréal’s Lipstick Applicator For People With Limited Arm Mobility

At CES 2023, L’Oréal introduced a new lipstick applicator that will help people with limited arm mobility to apply lipstick easily.

HAPTA is a motorized applicator with smart motion controls that can hold a lipstick steadily for the user so they can apply lipstick without any issues. This system is made up of three parts – lipstick in a custom case, a gimbal on a mount and a grip. The user removes the lipstick from the case with the spring-loaded release, places it in the ring attached to the gimbal, then attaches the grip to the gimbal mount. Once the gimbal is brought to the lips, the user can apply it steadily without any issues.

As seen in the video below, even though it is meant to be used with one hand, it does require the use of two hands in the beginning to twist the lipstick out but it seems like L’Oréal will look into possibly making it work with just one.

HAPTA will be available in December of this year and will retail for between $149 and 199. Hit the source links for more details.

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