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I will never forget when I was a child I attended a Jewish primary school, I was given Hebrew alphabet worksheets. To be honest,ve to admit, as a ten-year-old, this was not something that I looked forward to! I would have preferred to be outside playing. Even though my language teacher explained the importance of working through the Hebrew alphabet worksheets, it did not register for me (as a ten-year-old!).

The importance of Hebrew alphabet worksheets

Now I can reflect on my childhood years, I recognize the value in spending time working on the exercises to help me learn this ancient language. Using the these important tools provided me with an opportunity to solidify my knowledge of this ancient script. The activity provided me with quiet time to ensure that I could ready the vowels and consonants independently.

The word “independently” is key. It is all very sitting in a classroom with other children learning a language, but an individual can become lost amongst the crowd of kids. Taking the time to work through the Hebrew alphabet worksheets enables both the student and the teacher to understand any challenges the student may be facing (or not).

The benefits for adults

I know many adults who think learning a new language will come easily, and do not need to practice. However, using Hebrew alphabet worksheets can be incredibly helpful to solidify their new found knowledge. It is important to let go of preconceived ideas of what an adult should be doing. Yes, the tools may appear to be childish, but let go of that idea, and embrace the learning.

If the goal is to learn to read Hebrew, then you must do whatever it takes to learn this skill. Even if you need to use tool and complete exercises, that are designed for children. Keep the goal in mind, and everything else will just be part of the learning process. I know it might seem silly, but these exercises will help you.

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