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Hello everyone! My name’s John, and I’m a new blogger here on LawCareers.Net. I’m currently in my third year of a four-year Scots law LLB at the University of Aberdeen, and like many of you, I’m an aspiring solicitor. In my blogs, I hope to bring you my own unique perspective as a Scottish student, as well as my various experiences and interests in law, and my journey into practice. 

I’m in a slightly odd position as far as English law is concerned. To my mind, I would think of myself as a law student – but of course, I’m technically a non-law student as far as English practice is concerned. So, some of my blogs will focus on my decision process on whether to carry on with the standard Scottish qualification route or requalify in England. I’ll also be touching on my experiences applying for vacation schemes, and upcoming training contract applications. Plus, I’m hoping to share with you all the occasional Scottish legal story, along with some information about how practice and qualification can differ between Scotland and England and Wales.

I currently have a small amount of legal work experience and I’m adding to this by completing vacation schemes this summer. In the coming weeks and months, I intend to cover tips on making work placement applications and completing interviews, as well as my experiences on the schemes themselves. Although the latter won’t be for a while yet! 

Check out this Feature on ‘how to make your vacation scheme a success’ for more top tips.  

After spending the last few years almost writing exclusively academically, I’m excited to afford myself a more creative style of writing here in these blogs. You can expect me to touch on current events and legal developments – I’m especially interested in changes involving legal tech. While my basic background knowledge of computer science has, in part, inspired my interest in the topic, most of my analysis will be on the legal and commercial effects. For example, the implication technology may have on the profession and what this could mean for aspiring lawyers. 

While the law – both in academia and practice – can be very procedural, and there is undoubtedly a focus on work as a lawyer, legal practice is, at its core, a business of people (but some of my blogs might touch on the increasing role of non-persons!). You’re probably tired of hearing the term ‘commercial awareness’ by now, but I hope to provide insights into my understanding of what this means, and how you can develop it yourself.

I’m now not far off from entering my fourth and final year at university. I find this a little daunting, but clearly, I’ve survived so far! While touching on my experiences through university, I hope to provide some advice for those of you who are yet to start or are still early in your academic careers. While my experiences might differ geographically from many of you, the careful balancing of academia with everything else in life is a universal trouble for students. I’ll be sharing what I have learned while trying to balance studies, part-time work, and personal interests. Oh, and on the point of geography, my blogs will (as I mentioned) touch on my jurisdiction deliberations and I hope they’ll help others like me who are considering English practice from abroad. 

Wondering how you can qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales as an international student? See what the Oracle has to say.

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you all, and I hope you find them helpful and insightful! 


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