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For many around the world, Hebrew is a language that signifies their heritage and culture. Specifically, the Jews of the Diaspora in far-flung corners of the Earth. There’s a reason for this: Hebrew has been the spiritual and religious language of the Jews for thousands of years, carried in their hearts as they carried their Torahs on their shoulders.

Within the many diverse communities throughout the globe, Hebrew remains a unifying factor. You may wish for your children or grandchildren to learn Hebrew, so that it becomes part of their heritage. When they can sing songs in Hebrew alongside the music of famous Israeli artists, there’s a special pleasure to be had. Or watch Israeli television shows and follow what’s going on. Or, especially if you’re doing one of the Ulpan courses, it will be a new way for you to bond with your child. Learning Hebrew provides connectivity to your child’s culture’s past, present, and future.

Hebrew: from dead language to extremely lively

Never in history has a previously dead language been resurrected into vibrant modern-day life like Hebrew. It is now the language of Israel; its interconnectedness to the ancient past and present is profound — as seen from the antiquities in Jerusalem’s old religious neighborhoods to its youth-inspired slang twang in the constantly evolving cityscape of Tel Aviv.

For your young child, having this heritage gives them a connection with Israel. To be able to speak and read and write Hebrew means they will always have a connection with the people living there now. This means if they ever immigrate to, holiday in, or go to work in (like on a kibbutz, for instance) Israel, they will find themselves welcomed with open arms.

Why Hebrew for Kids is a must

It can be tricky for a child to learn a new language in a classroom environment, where they don’t get the individual attention they need. Learning Hebrew is much more efficient when done one-on-one in private lessons, with a teaching system based on real-world results. It is a system that immerses the child in the language, allowing them to soak up the grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary quickly. Along with the intricacies of the language through Israeli teachers with many years of experience in imparting this knowledge.

Not only that but learning a second language fluently, especially in children, has been shown to have huge benefits. Such as improved cognitive functioning, creativity, problem-solving, and empathy. Not to mention the increase in grey matter in the executive function areas of the brain. By making your child bilingual, you instill a massive cognitive advantage over other children. Studies have proved this.

So, with a proven teaching method to eventually develop fluency in the language, Hebrew for Kids helps children’s brains become supercharged while also instilling a connection to their cultural heritage.

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Offered by the Rosen School of Hebrew, what does this course provide in addition to the obvious? Well, children studying Hebrew for Kids will be able to consume and appreciate Hebrew movies, shows, music, news, and literature — in other words, all things modern-day cultural.

Being able to do so means that even if your child lives abroad their whole lives, they will still be able to connect to modern-day Hebrew at all times. They will be able to experience the subtle shifts of culture as time progresses — remaining in touch with the lived experience of native Hebrew speakers. Especially in this age of global connectedness.

Hebrew for Kids is the key to unlocking it, but we do more than just teach the language. As mentioned, we ensure our students get to partake in actual Hebrew media: books and stories, music, and digital-based content. This is made possible through our partnership with one of Israel’s most prestigious education-content creators: the Center for Educational Technology. They combine state-of-the-art technology with quality content and up-to-date teaching practices.

And we know no two children are alike. This is why our one-on-one teaching sessions are so special. While immersing them in the language, your child’s teacher will assess and cater to their specific needs in understanding it. Which allows you to pass on a unique and precious gift to your child:

There is a lifelong association and deep-seated love for their own culture and traditions in Hebrew. And the ability to sing along to some famous Israeli songs too!

Enroll them today to give them the gift of a lifetime.


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