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How to Make Your Own Magnetic Bulletin Board Border – Mrs. D’s Corner

You have a great theme for your room, all of your perfect decorations picked out and everything is getting set up.  But there’s one big eye sore in the room – that dreaded bulletin board. A magnetic bulletin board border is a great way to add a decorative touch to your organization and display space.

Bulletin boards can be used for posting schedules, center rotations, calendars, motivational quotes, learning objectives and student work! One way of sprucing up the bulletin board is to use bulletin board borders to create the different sections on your whiteboard.  I do this by using magnetic borders!

Learn How to Make Your Own Magnetic Border

The materials you need for this are:

  1. Bulletin board border – the one I used in the example video is a simple roll from The Dollar Tree
  2. Magnetic tape – here is the link to the one I used on Amazon.

Magnetic Bulletin Border Directions:

To get started you’re just going to take a small piece of magnetic tape, and stick to the back of the border – I try not to touch the back of the magnetic tape too much so that it doesn’t lose its stickiness. 

I try to put at least three to four pieces of magnetic tape per piece of border.  Some of the pieces may fall off throughout the school year but I just add a smaller piece rather than putting a big one across the whole border.  This makes it easier to replace if or when one of the pieces falls off.

If you want to change out your theme, change up what the board is sectioned as, or even if you just have to move classrooms altogether.  For some extra longevity of these bulletin board borders, go ahead and laminate them first.  This way if you want to use them from year to year, you will more likely get more use out of them. 

If you need some lamination tips you can read this blog post or watch this YouTube video.

Prefer a Video? Watch How I Make My Own Magnetic Bulletin Board Borders

Now it’s time to hang up the borders and use them like normal! Need some more teacher hacks?  Here are some of my favorite teacher hacks for the Special Education Classroom.

What are some of your favorite teacher hacks?  Let us know below, maybe you can help another teacher out with your hack.


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