How to Prepare for the New Year Like a Life Coach


How Does a Coach Set Goals and Prepare for the New Year?

A new year often brings about a sense of renewal—a fresh start that can inspire people to take charge of their lives. With all the advice floating around on goal-setting and creating lasting change, a coach’s perspective stands out as truly eye-opening. 

With the knowledge and tools they have, a coach takes a more profound approach to goal setting—one that helps them move toward more authentic and lasting life transformations. Recognizing the limitations of surface-level goals, a coach does a deeper exploration into the underlying factors that shape our new year intentions.

So if you’re up for a journey of self-discovery and want to prepare for the new year with a coach-centric approach, let’s do it together!

We’ll get to the heart of the limiting beliefs or “rules” that have likely been shaping your path and uncover what truly matters, to set the stage for genuinely meaningful and lasting transformations in the year ahead.

The Art of Digging Deeper for Goals With Staying Power

Setting goals that actually stick involves more than meets the eye. Although the act of jotting down new year intentions that excite us in the moment can feel gratifying, the true challenge emerges when the initial enthusiasm subsides. As the once-roaring fire starts to die down, it’s often a sign the goals weren’t born from our authentic selves but rather from external conditioning.

This year, we encourage you to prepare for the new year by embarking on an honest exploration beneath the surface of your consciousness (which we’ll guide you through in a minute!) Much like how the surface of the ocean reveals just a fraction of its true depth, your conscious thoughts provide only a glimpse of the complex forces influencing your aspirations.

Imagine diving into the recesses of your mind—think of it like navigating an expansive ocean. On the surface, you encounter the turbulence of conscious thoughts—visible, dynamic, and sometimes erratic waves that mirror the ebb and flow of daily life. Yet, beneath this observable layer lies the unconscious mind, the largely unexplored terrain where the roots of your beliefs, motivations, and rules quietly exist.

Understanding the unseen currents is pivotal to setting new year intentions that are genuinely your own and have a far greater likelihood of sticking for the long term.



How to Uncover the Current Rules You’re Living By

Before we take this journey together, find a comfortable space and, if you can, grab a pen and paper (or another note-taking tool of choice).

Let’s prepare for the new year by shining a light on those sneaky, behind-the-scenes rules that have been running the show in your life, pulling strings in your decisions and goals, and perhaps even holding you back from the extraordinary potential within you. Let’s jump in!

Identify Your Current Rules

Limiting rules are deep-seated beliefs or restrictions that can significantly influence how we perceive, decide, and act—which ultimately puts a damper on our potential for personal or professional growth. Think of them as unwritten scripts we’ve unconsciously been following; more often than not, they don’t serve as the most beneficial guides to achieving our best life.

For example, one such belief is that success only comes from following a traditional career path. It makes sense this rule might discourage any thoughts of venturing into something different. Another limiting rule could involve defining self-worth based on external validation, which can hinder authentic self-expression.

Prepare for the new year by reflecting on the rules that have had some level of control over your life until now:

  • Where did these rules originate from?
  • Were they passed down by family?
  • Were they shaped by societal expectations?
  • Were they born out of past experiences?

By exploring the roots of these rules and how they came to be, you’ll begin to see these rules for what they really are—stories you can rewrite to support you in crafting a more soulful, vibrant life! 



Journal prompt: List any rules you believe to be outdated and limit your potential in some way. These could be related to career choices, relationships, self-worth, or any other aspect of your life.

Here are some examples to get your ideas flowing: 

  • Change always leads to bad things
  • Success requires effort, not luck
  • It’s important to put others’ needs and opinions over my own
  • I’m too old (or too young)
  • I’m not smart or talented enough
  • Making money requires tremendous effort and sacrifice (you can explore money blocks more in-depth here)

Explore Personal Impact

After you’ve written down your limiting rules, consider how they’ve impacted your life. 

How have these rules held you back from pursuing your passions or prevented you from making more expansive, life-affirming decisions? 

Reflect on specific instances where these rules influenced your decisions and life path. This awareness is essential to prepare for the new year so you can break free from perceived limitations and set goals that arise out of genuine enthusiasm instead of cultural conditioning.

Release the Rules and Take Charge of Your Life

Imagine a Rule-Free Future

Take a moment to get quiet and connect with your true self and desires. What aspects of your authentic self have been overshadowed by the influence of old rules? And more importantly, what would your life look and feel like without these limiting rules? 

There’s a wide-open world of possibility that awaits you! Consider taking some time to journal on these possibilities as you prepare for the new year—it can open a door to a vast realm of untapped potential. ✨

Brainstorm New, Rule-Free Goals

Based on your reflections, create a list of new year goals that are free from the limitations placed on you by your old rules. 

These goals should reflect your true self and align with your deepest desires. Consider new year intentions that bring you genuine joy and excitement; they might even scare you a little—and that’s perfectly okay! Goals that are a bit intimidating often mean you’re expanding boundaries and awakening more of the tremendous potential that resides within you.

And finally, it’s also important to recognize these rules were once there to provide a sense of structure, protection, or guidance in your life. Express gratitude for the role they played, acknowledging that at some point they may have served a purpose in helping you navigate challenges or make sense of the world—even if you don’t quite know the reason. As we grow and evolve, it’s common for these rules to become limiting and no longer serve us on the path of awakening our potential. 

This compassionate release allows you to step into a new chapter of your life, unencumbered by the shadow of old rules and with a heart full of gratitude for any lessons they brought to your path.

Want Some Extra Accountability and Support Rewriting the Rules for Your Life This Year?

Taking charge of your life in a meaningful way requires the courage to explore the deeper waters of your consciousness. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of eliminating inner blocks and awakening your personal potential, we encourage you to check out Coaching Fundamentals

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