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How to sharpen your preparation for GATE and ESE exams through classroom courses?

Every year, lakhs of aspirants appear for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and Engineering Services Examination (ESE) examinations to secure a promising government job or opportunity to pursue higher studies successfully. The numbers indicate the demand for the GATE and ESE examinations among the young ambitious folks in the field of engineering. Therefore, the aspirants must put in their best effort to prepare for these national-level competitive exams. For years, faculties conducting classroom courses offer their expertise to guide the aspirants with their subject expertise. Face-to-face interaction and effective guidance delivery from experienced faculties help aspirants dedicated to GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 preparation learn the concepts as per the latest exam syllabus. Now, let us proceed toward understanding how classroom courses are useful for aspirants in their exam preparation journey.

Why choose classroom courses for GATE and ESE examinations?

Classroom courses offer a wide range of benefits that motivates the GATE and ESE exam aspirants to choose quality classroom courses that help them secure the best results in competitive exams.

  • Helps build community: Classroom courses offer the opportunity to the GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 exam aspirants to build a community with like-minded learners. The physical setting in these classes helps exam aspirants participate in the organic discussions, thus aiding in expanding their knowledge in the concerned subjects/topics. It builds a strong base right from the start of the respective class.
  • Better understanding: These courses ensure exam aspirants experience the much essential human interaction during the lectures. The visual cues present in the offline classes help build trust and understanding among students and faculties with the aim to maintain the same throughout the exam preparation tenure.
  • Stay motivated: Most students get inspired by the students who have proactively dedicated their valuable time toward the target exam. This helps the respective candidate recharge him/her with the required inspiration to attempt the respective competitive exam. It also ensures that students are less hesitant and more confident to ask doubts and queries to the respective faculties and receive the right answers for the same.
  • Create your study group: Exam aspirants can create their study group with fellow students attending the same classroom courses for GATE 2024 and ESE 2024. It will help students create sincere study companions with similar competitive exam goals. Along with this, you will also save a significant amount of time on your preparation for the GATE and ESE examinations.
  • Ability to set boundaries: This is the most crucial benefit that you can reap after enrolling in classroom courses. This will help to have a dedicated environment that serves the purpose to learn and absorb the respective study materials properly. In this way, you can maintain the optimum level of your mental sanity throughout most phases of the exam preparation.
  • Availability of effective structure: The offline classes offer students a particular structure to follow throughout the classroom course. The lack of possible distractions helps to achieve the desired results with these offline classes. Experienced teachers guide students to stay disciplined and complete their syllabus on time. Faculties at expert coaching centers such as MADE EASY offer students with ESE/IES preparation timetable to ensure proper dedication of time for each subject included in the latest syllabus.

Effective ways to sharpen exam preparation through classroom courses:

Now that you have learned about different aspects associated with the GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 preparation, let us now dive into how exam aspirants can prepare at the optimum level for these competitive exams through the classroom courses:

  • Utilize individual attention: The faculties in the classroom courses ensure that students receive individual attention for each subject included in the latest syllabus. The aspirants of the GATE and ESE examinations must utilize this opportunity and discuss with the respective subject faculties the right way to study for the prime topic in discussion. This way, exam aspirants can understand their study method to yield the best results in the online or offline test series and actual exams.
  • Learn the right way to utilize study materials: Quality and updated study materials contribute to the efficient preparation of GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 exam aspirants. Therefore, exam aspirants must learn the proper way to refer to the subject-specific study materials and build a solid conceptual base that is beneficial to them in the long term until the actual GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 exam time.
  • Analyze performance with extra classes: Classroom courses help exam aspirants receive faster feedback on their regular and test performance. The ESE and GATE preparation includes different subjects, which makes it important for exam aspirants to balance their preparation effectively with other study and/or work-related commitments. Exam aspirants must revise their GATE and IES preparation timetable according to the faculty feedback to improve their exam scores eventually.
  • Build competitive spirit: The teaching faculties in classroom courses play a critical role in laying the foundation of competitive spirit among competitive exam aspirants. In this way, exam aspirants can build a positive approach towards their preparation pattern, thereby understanding the significance of the mindset shift towards the right direction. It eventually helps students stop envying their batchmates whom they envy and consider their competitors. Experienced faculties guide aspirants to prepare for the GATE and ESE examinations to stay focused on their tracks with the winner mindset, thereby scoring the desired rank in these challenging competitive exams.


Now, let us dive into the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding this critical topic of GATE and ESE examinations.

1. What are the best classroom courses for GATE and ESE exams?

Ans. You can find the best classroom courses for GATE and ESE exams at MADE EASY. The students of this Coaching Institute have secured excellent ranks in both GATE and ESE examinations. This includes AIR-1 in 7 engineering streams (CS, ME, EE, CS, IN, PI, and ES) in the GATE 2023 exam and 96% of total selections in the ESE 2022 exam. This indicates that if you choose MADE EASY as the competitive exam guide to creating the best study environment, you will not regret your decision in the later phases of your competitive exam preparation.


2. How do I decide on the best classroom course for GATE and ESE exams?

Ans. You must remember that certain factors determine the selection of an educational institute for GATE and ESE exams. This includes the following:-

  • Faculties conducting the classes (experience)
  • Duration of the classes (especially if you are a working professional/college student currently pursuing your education)
  • Online test series (to check your current performance level)
  • Syllabus coverage as per the latest syllabus
  • Career Support services (with the course)
  • Interview guidance support (for ESE and PSUs exams

You can consider these points and take the final decision accordingly to utilize your existing resources wisely and succeed in your competitive exams.


3. Is it possible to prepare for GATE and ESE exams at the same time?

Ans.  Yes. If you believe that you can do it, you will definitely crack both GATE and ESE exams with the best guidance. MADE EASY faculties offer the much-required expertise to the students preparing for competitive exams such as GATE and ESE examinations.


4. Is the GATE exam tough?

Ans. The GATE exam is a well-known exam in the engineering sector. It is challenging to crack for most exam aspirants as the success rate of this exam is 15% – 20%. The engineering streams such as electronics and communications engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering are some of the most challenging engineering stream papers as per exam takers’ feedback and surveys. Therefore, you must understand the level of difficulty associated with the specific engineering stream and prepare for the GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 exam sessions accordingly.


5. When to start GATE preparation and ESE preparation?

Ans. Both GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 exams require a certain level of commitment from the student’s end to achieve the desired success in the form of top ranks in these competitive exams that form a crucial part of the engineering sector. Therefore, exam aspirants must start their ESE and GATE preparation as early as possible. Ideally, experts recommend that exam aspirants must devote ten months (on average) to exam preparation. This way, you will have ample time in hand to understand and learn the concepts well, thereby having sufficient time left for the recommended revision cycles.


6. When is the GATE 2024 exam?

Ans. The respective IIT/IISc (organizing institute) will conduct the GATE 2024 exam in the month of February 2024. You will learn the actual details with the help of the GATE 2024 official notification that will release a few months before the actual GATE exam.

7. Is attempting GATE and ESE test series beneficial?

Ans. Yes. You will receive complete guidance with classroom courses to prepare well for your GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 exams. However, you will stay behind the intense competition if you do not test your current level of preparation with the help of quality test series. Therefore, you must combine your exam preparation with GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 online test series.


8. How much time does it take to complete the classroom courses properly?

Ans. If you dedicate regular efforts to your GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 classroom courses, you can complete the entire course in the period of 8 months to 12 months depending on the current time availability.


9. What should I keep in mind while choosing test series with classroom courses?

Ans. You must keep certain points in mind while choosing a particular test series with classroom courses, especially MADE EASY Classroom courses. Some of these points are as follows:-

  • Coverage of both technical and non-technical details.
  • Availability of the overall analysis report.
  • Comparison Reports that include student score with Topper’s score; Attempt accuracy and time taken to attempt the test series.
  • Facilities to speak to the expert and ask the doubts to receive solutions for the same.
  • Options to choose topic-wise syllabus, part syllabus, and full syllabus test series.

Apart from this, you must also check the timings/duration of the MADE EASY Classroom courses, so that you do not end up missing your valuable classroom course classes in the valuable course duration.


10. What type of study environment do I need to crack GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 exams?

Ans. You do not need any specific type of environment to crack GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 exams. Keep this in mind: Believe in yourself, build an actionable plan and schedule, and practice consistently. If possible, isolate yourself in a peaceful environment and give laser-focus attention to your studies. Along with this, you must ensure that you take expert guidance at the right time. You will succeed eventually without any regrets of not putting the best efforts at the much-required time in the preparation of the GATE and ESE examinations.


11. Who is expected to conduct the GATE 2024 exam?

Ans. The prestigious IISc Bangalore is expected to conduct the GATE 2024 exam. This organization has accomplished well in the field of Research Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, Consultancy, and Continuing Education across the country and globe.


12. How do I prepare for the GATE and ESE exams?

Ans. GATE and ESE examinations are quite challenging for most exam aspirants who want to crack these exams and secure a government job or opportunity for higher studies. Therefore, if you want to prepare for these exams, you must ensure that you create a customized schedule that you can follow throughout the duration of the competitive exam preparation.

Thus, classroom courses are highly beneficial for GATE and ESE exam aspirants, especially in the steadily rising competition. You can refer to the above-mentioned expert-recommended points to sharpen your preparation for the GATE and ESE examinations and make it beneficial for your complete competitive exam preparation phase. Therefore, if you are an exam aspirant who is aiming for a top rank in these engineering competitive exams, then you can plan and enroll in the classroom course of your choice. Exam aspirants must choose a classroom course such as the MADE EASY classroom course to choose the right path toward competitive exam preparation.

We hope you received the required information with the help of this blog post and it assists you to make the right decision for your competitive exam preparation.

All the best for your GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 exams!



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