How to Succeed With Your Rockstar Learning Platform: Engineering Customer Interaction


In this webinar, we walk through 7 steps to Engineer Customer Interaction; and in the process, collect vital demographic data, marketing contacts, feedback, potential product additions, and ensure customer retention. 

John started with a short overview of how learning experiences have evolved over the years and what today’s learners expect.

Then, Alex covered 7 steps to engineering customer interaction in the Rockstar Learning Platform. The goal is to create a community for your customers or learners. By following the 7 steps Alex shares, you’ll not only create a community, but also collect vital demographic data, marketing contacts, feedback, ideas for potential new products, and ensure customer retention.

  1. Enterprises
  2. Branding
  3. Offices
  4. Learner Groups
  5. Account Settings
  6. User Data
  7. Courses

You can create an enterprise just for your customers, with specific branding focused around your product.

Creating an office has several benefits. On the admin side, you can designate someone as your office admin to help you manage the content and interaction with your customers. Creating an office also sets you up for what you need to achieve step 6—gathering user data.

Learner groups are extremely helpful to separate customers from employees and make sure you’re sharing the right content with each group.  

Account settings allow you to customize things like auto-enrollment or featured items. Alex recommends auto-enrollment so that whenever a customer is added to the platform, they’ll be automatically enrolled in the right content. This means you have less maintenance to do on the backend. 

You can create custom data fields and create a user self-registration link so that you’re collecting the specific data you need. For example, you might want to collect email, zip code, consent to email them, age, company name, etc. 

When setting up your courses, it’s common to turn on prerequisites to ensure customers or learners are taking each module in order. If you’re offering an incentive—like a coupon—to get your customers to go through your content, you definitely want to make sure they have to complete each step before they get the reward.

Watch the recording for all the tips on engineering customer interaction.


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