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How to Write a Classroom Placement Letter or Teacher Request

Some schools allow parents to write a teacher or placement letter request. In my humble opinion, if your school should allow this opportunity, then you SHOULD write one. Here are a few guidelines and sample classroom placement letter to get you started.

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I believe that it may or may not help in making your next year teacher a better match with your child, but it is worth the chance. So, as the time is now for most schools, how should you write a placement request letter?

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Tips for Writing a Placement Letter Request

Grab your pens and paper, now’s the time to sit down and write a placement letter request. There really is no one right way. This is just the format that I use every year with my own children. Call your school first to find out if they accept placement letters, the date they need the letters by, and the specific guidelines for your school.  Some principals allow preferred teachers to be named other do not.

Placement Letter Request Format:

1. Start by stating your child’s current grade level and teacher. I always include a picture of my child somewhere in the letter as well.

2. Write about your child’s strengths – academic and social.

3. Write about your concerns for your child. This is place to include any special needs or personality traits that may need extra attention.

4. Write about the type of classroom or teacher traits that you feel your child would do best with.

5. Thank the team for considering your request.

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Sample Classroom Placement Letter

RE: 2017-2018 Classroom Placement Dear “School” Team,

We are writing this letter on behalf of our daughter “name”. She is currently in “teacher” “grade level” class and excelling in all areas; social and academic. “Name” is a very bright and enthusiastic learner. She reads at a much higher decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension level than her current grade. In fact, she reads 1-2 chapter books and multiple picture books every evening and is able to discuss with higher order thinking, challenging concepts. She reached over 100 AR points, made it to the 5th level in Ticket to Read, and has read almost the entire collection of chapter book series in the school library this year (and she is only 6 years old). In addition to reading, she enjoys science and has become a citizen scientist collecting data for a project called Monarch Health. Her one complaint about school is that she wants to learn more than the material presented. We are currently providing her with enrichment activities at home.

She is also a very thoughtful, kind hearted child. I have seen her give up her space for others, allow them to go first, and help solve disputes using kind words and effective problem solving. She responds well to compassionate adults with fair rules.

It is amazing to be parents of such an inquisitive, thoughtful child. When she was younger, we were worried she would have trouble learning as she has vision issues. After patching for several years, multiple eye muscle surgeries and therapy, she has improved her vision. Glasses are essential for her and she is never without them. She also relies heavily on her other senses and benefits from consistent classroom routines.

We feel that she would do the best in a classroom that is not only organized, with consistent routines, but also has a teacher that is willing to challenge and enrich the grade level material. “Name” would also do well with a teacher that routinely uses multi-sensory lessons, rather than one who primarily leans towards providing visual cues and presentations.

Last, but not least, we feel that it is important for her to be placed in a classroom that supports and challenges her in a safe and loving way, for “name” to feel worthwhile and appreciated in her learning environment.

Thank you,

“Parents Names”

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How to write a classroom placcement letter for your grade schooler

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