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Hunter College Elementary Unsolved Mysteries

Hunter College Elementary Unsolved Mysteries

Answers to the mystery surrounding Hunter College Elementary School.

Hunter College Elementary is a nonpublic school and is not part of the NYC Dept of Ed. Good news! It’s tuition free and if your child is one of the lucky 50 that make it they can attend school there from kindergarten through 12th grade! The program is designed for highly gifted children who are evaluated by a trained psychologist and given an abbreviated version of the Stanford-Binet.  To apply, go to the web site and it opens at the end of August every year through early November.  The test is administered in the fall and the same year your child takes the NYC gifted and talented test.

Once you register on the site, Hunter gives you a list of four or five licensed and Hunter-approved psychologists who can administer an IQ test for your child. The date that your child takes the test on matters, so please make sure you find out the optimal date to take the test. Need help determining the date? Email the folks at tutoring@testingmom.com and they can help you out! If your child makes the cutoff after round 1, he or she will then be invited to a second round of testing.

Each year, well over 3,000 Manhattan children take the Hunter test. The top 250 to 300 then move on to second round, after which 25 boys are admitted and 25 girls are admitted. 12 boys go on the wait list, 12 girls go on the wait list, and that is it.  If your child makes it to the wait list don’t give up hope! Some years the waitlist moves very fast and it held open up until 2nd grade.

Kindergarten is the only entry point for elementary school and after that, their next entry point is high school, which is 7th grade (the admissions test is given in 6th grade and your child must score well on the state ELA and math test to get an invite to take the test). Hunter fiercely warns parents: do NOT prep your child! They even say that prepping doesn’t work. If that’s the case, why would they give a hoot if a parent prepares their talented tot. Doesn’t make any sense. Another contradiction of the complex world of kindergarten admissions in New York City!

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