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IELTS Speaking Topics List | Crack IELTS Exam (2022) – Galvanize Global Education

Describe an invention that, in your opinion, has transformed the way people live

People have developed a plethora of things from the dawn of time in order to make their lives simpler and more pleasant. Today, I’d like to discuss one such technology that has essentially transformed the way we work and live.

This innovation is known as “computers,” and it is widely regarded as the most successful and life-changing technology in the previous four decades or so due to its ability to solve a wide range of issues every minute of our lives. Computers are used in almost every work, industry, and headquarters today, from storing massive amounts of information in a small piece of equipment to calculating very complex mathematical calculations in a split second to assisting people in different regions of the world in communicating with one another. Because of computers, we can complete complicated jobs in the office in minutes rather than weeks. Furthermore, it is the computer-assisted method that allows manufacturing businesses to produce hundreds of automobiles in a single day, which would have previously taken years. Not to mention the enormous value it has provided in discovering countless fresh discoveries in space and on other worlds. So, in reality, the benefits of computers are vast, whether we are simply browsing the internet or attempting to calculate the rotational speeds of a new planet in a new solar system. The nicest thing about this computer, even by way, is that everyone, irrespective of age or professional affiliation, utilises it and benefits from it in some manner.

So, in any case, computers have revolutionised our lives by not only making us more productive at our homes, workplaces, and businesses, but also by providing us with a great sense of mental relaxation. Furthermore, technology has aided us in making new discoveries that will result in a slew of new advantages for humanity.

Describe a piece of clothes you got as a gift lately

My father surprised me with a lovely suite for my 20th birthday this year. It was a well-made outfit with high-quality clothing. The fabric was appealing, and the colour was striking. I counted myself fortunate to have it on my share. This appears to be a good candidate task card topic, and I am delighted to provide a brief description of the gift.

The outfit arrived the evening before my birthday celebration. My father came running into the house and begged me to meet him in his study. I knew he was attempting to catch me off guard with something. But I didn’t realise that this would be a good suit item. In reality, it was not my idea for him to bring the outfit for me. I had no idea how he obtained my body measurement because the outfit fit me exactly. My father is a fascinating individual. He enjoys surprising people. However, most of the time, the individuals he is attempting to surprise become aware of the surprise. As a result, he is unable to shock them in the majority of situations. But in this case, I was pleasantly surprised, and my father was relieved to have completed his objective. I know dad spent a lot of money on the outfit he got me.


Of course, that was a fantastic gift for me. My father is the person in my life whom I most adore. Besides, that was his birthday present to me. So, without a doubt, this was a significant present for me. Furthermore, the outfit was constructed in a colour that I adore. It was dark blue and sewn by the city’s most known and skilled tailor. I’ve been wearing the suit to formal events and taking good care of it.

Describe a website that you frequently visit

I only have a few minutes to inform you about a website that I frequently visit. I’ll explain what the site is, how long I’ve been using it, what is in it, and why I visit it so frequently.

The BBC news website is the one you’re looking for. It may be found at www.bbc.co.uk/news, but I just do it as a favourite on my browser. I am a total BBC addict! I try to visit the website many times each day if possible, and I’ve been doing so for as long as I can remember. For as far as the site has existed, but most likely for the last 10 years or more. The BBC news website is enormous. It displays breaking news headlines in real time, and from the home page, you may navigate to other sorts of news categories. There are sections for international news, health concerns, environmental reporting, education, sport, science and education, and entertainment and arts articles, to name a few. You may read text-based articles that are accompanied with a few images, which is my favourite method of getting news and information, or you can watch news videos or listen to audio bits. I believe the website is really thorough and user-friendly. 

For me, the BBC News site is a one-stop shop for all current events and news topics. I appreciate how I can read breaking news headlines fairly instantly, but it also contains more nuanced reporting. Comprehensive web articles that provide in-depth examination of global or local issues. I can also check out what the weather prediction is, which is always useful in the UK because it can change so fast, and I like to be able to keep up with what is going on around me in Sheffield, where I reside. I also trust the BBC website to provide balanced reporting, and I believe it has journalistic credibility, so I believe that if I read it every day, I will have a great outlook on what is going on around the world, as well as enough information to form my own opinions on current events around the world. The only disadvantage of the website is that I find it to be quite addicting! Because it is regularly updated, it is enticing to return and take another look if there are running news stories that I am following. It can cause me to delay when I should be working, but I tell myself it is essential to stay up with what is going on around the world, even if I know it wouldn’t harm to restrict myself to a couple of news “fixes’ ‘ a day!

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