Is 2020 the year we’ve been waiting for?


Back in June, I sent a Vox to my friend Debbie who also works at a large, public high school, and asked, “Have you listened to the recent Ali Brown podcast with Dafina Smith? We both listen to the weekly podcast and learn from the incredible women that Ali interviews each week. I shared in my Vox to Debbie, “They talk at the end of the podcast about 2020 and ask, “What if 2020 was just the year that we needed?”

It was the first time I had heard someone talk about 2020 in a way that made me think differently about what was happening in the world, our country, our state, and our community. Believe me, there have been some scary and tragic events around COVID-19 and the pandemic. I definitely don’t want to minimize the tragedies. I do want to be hopeful and also mindful that our purpose is bigger than the pandemic. 

Did you see the hopeful poem that went viral on Instagram? The writer, Leslie Dwight, begins like this: “A year so uncomfortable, so painful, so scary, so raw — that it finally forces us to grow.”

I’ve been thinking about the things that we’ve done differently this year, the lessons we’re learning, and the realizations that are coming to us. I want us to come out on the other side with possibilities and not just problems. I want us to keep pursuing excellence as we face these hurdles along the way. By asking ‘What If’ questions, it keeps my thinking forward and not dwelling on losses, status quo, and despair.

Here’s my 2020 edition of ‘What If’ questions. What would you add?

What if I stand up and speak for those who are weak or can’t defend themselves?

What if I speak up about my faith and stand for it?

What if I pursue a career that brings me daily happiness, even if it means changing careers?

What if we celebrate the things that we do have and stop wanting for the things that we don’t?

What if I connect daily with someone online who does what I do professionally for moral support, encouragement, ideas, and affirmation?

What if we finally give up doing the things that we know are not healthy for us?

What if I seek to own and enjoy my journey instead of seeking “balance”?

What if we stopped doing half of the things that we’ve “always done”?

What if we come out of this year better than before?

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