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Keeping Your Home Secure Without an Alarm System

Good Quality Locks

Without an alarm system, having sufficient locks on all entry-point doors and windows is essential to limiting the chances of a break-in or even deterring a potential burglar from attempting one in the first place.

Your locks should have the strongest screws suitable. This might even mean replacing the initial screws with a stronger option. Moreover, all your locks should be to British Standard BS7950.

Some of the most secure door locks include:

  • Rim locks

  • Mortice deadlocks

  • Multi-point door locks

As for windows, ideally, you should install window handles with locks built-in. You may want to remove the keys from the windows; however, you’ll need to balance this with a fire escape risk. Perhaps you’ll simply want to place the keys next to the window (but out of locks), but if you are concerned, keeping them in the windows can ensure you won’t be left scrambling for the keys in a worst-case fire scenario.

Keeping Your Garage Secure

If your home has a garage, there are several steps you may wish to take to improve its security. This would be particularly important if you use it to house valuables such as a car or expensive equipment.

For example, you may want to have a higher-quality garage door installed. The cost of replacing garage doors can vary widely from several hundred to several thousand pounds. 

The most secure type of garage door is arguably a sectional door due to its durability, reliability and lack of any obvious weak spots. Of course, the material used and the quality of the door will also shape its security value.

More on Window Security

Another aspect of window security you’ll want to consider is the type and material of the window frame used. As for the design type, some of the most secure options include casement windows, double-hung windows and sliding windows. 

When it comes to the material used, aluminium windows are arguably the most secure, largely due to their strength. Beyond that, you may want to have the most accessible windows of your home replaced with double-glazed windows.

Aside from the above, be sure not to leave windows opened or unlocked unless you or another household member is in the room.

Beyond that, have any issues with your windows dealt with promptly, whether it’s in relation to the glass panes, frames, handles or locks. This way, any weak security spots can be addressed fast.

Security Lighting

Another measure worth considering is having security lighting added to the back and front of your home. Ideally, you should have motion-sensor security lights installed as these will turn on even when you’re fast asleep and can be a great way of deterring potential burglars. 

It’s important to face them in an appropriate direction such that they wouldn’t bother your neighbours or blind anyone driving by, leading to a road safety hazard. If in doubt, double-check with the installer that this can be achieved. Security lighting may cost around £10 or up to £100, depending on the type and quality of the product.

Security Cameras

There is also a range of security camera options that might interest you. For example, there is regular wired CCTV. However, wireless security cameras also exist, some of which will allow you to back-up security footage on a server.

Security cameras are a great way of determining potential break-ins. For that reason, even fake security cameras may do the job (once they are of sufficient quality). However, the added advantage of real security cameras is that if a break-in did occur, you’d have footage to work with. Also, security cameras can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Indoor security cameras would also be helpful in case someone did break in.

Garden Security

When considering home security, be sure not to overlook your garden spaces. One helpful approach is to surround your property with gravel (in suitable locations). This will make it more difficult for a potential burglar to sneak around and tip-toe to your doors or windows.

Beyond that, strong gates or fencing can also help by acting as obstacles, further complicating their efforts to reach your home. As for your shed, it’s best to add a secure padlock to protect any tools/belongings inside.

Consider Joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Last but not least, joining a neighbourhood watch scheme or similar could provide you with valuable information. Nowadays, many communities also set up WhatsApp groups to alert each other about nearby break-ins or suspicious behaviour. See if there are any neighbourhood watch schemes or social media groups for your area that you can join.

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