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Last minute preparation tips and tricks for MADE EASY NST

Every year, several hard-working GATE, ESE, and SES exam aspirants plan to start with their engineering competitive exam preparation for higher studies and government jobs in this flourishing sector. Their primary goal is to build an excellent career in the upcoming years. It makes them stay active and look out for the resources to receive the required guidance during these competitive exams preparation. Along with this, scholarship examinations form a prominent resource to receive a considerable amount of financial assistance depending on the performance in the respective National Scholarship Test. During these challenging times, the price of the courses is a topic of concern for aspirants who are presently dealing with financial challenges in their daily lives.

To solve this issue for deserving exam aspirants, MADE EASY has come up with the MADE EASY NST-2 for GATE 2024, ESE 2024, and SES aspirants after the success of the MADE EASY NST conducted a few months back. This National Scholarship Exam aims to offer up to 100% and 50% scholarships for MADE EASY classroom/offline courses and live online courses, respectively. Several deserving students have received scholarship discounts for the MADE EASY GATE, ESE, and SES exam preparation courses. In this way, MADE EASY’s Online Exams for Scholarship has helped them kickstart with well-guided competitive exam preparation.

After a proper understanding of the basics linked with the MADE EASY National Scholarship Test, let us find out the proven tips and tricks that competitive exam aspirants must use to excel in this all-India scholarship examination.

Here are some tips and tricks that aspirants preparing for the MADE EASY National Scholarship Test for batches aimed to guide students to crack the ESE 2024, GATE 2024, and SES exams:  

  1. Analyze the syllabus first: As an engineering competitive exam aspirant, you must first prioritize reading, analyzing, and understanding the national scholarship exam syllabus well. The online scholarship exam syllabus helps you to find out the scholarship test-oriented topics with question weightage during the full-fledged exam preparation journey. Pick up the topics list related to the chosen engineering stream. In the next step, you need to observe the topics specified in the syllabus with the number of questions for the respective topics.
  2. Focus on concept building: MADE EASY online scholarship test syllabus, you must take up your college notes or self-study notes that you made at the time of preparing for the college academic exams. It will help you focus on the concepts so that you can attempt the maximum number of questions correctly to gain the best possible marks in this national-level scholarship examination. With just a few days left for the MADE EASY NST-2, it is crucial to use the remaining preparation days to the fullest for your best-ever performance in this scholarship test.
  3. Take practice tests: Does it sound different? It is important to take practice tests even for the online scholarship exam. It helps to figure out the recent years’ exam pattern and strengthen your concepts accordingly in the respective areas. You need to make sure that you balance the time dedicated to the practice tests and consistent revision of the completed syllabus. It will prevent possible time wastage in the last few crucial days before the online scholarship test. This way, you can become familiar with the previous years’ question papers related to the National Scholarship. Online tests will help you understand the real picture with routine practice associated with the online scholarship exams in the best possible manner.
  4. Read the question paper carefully: Often, engineering aspirants think they have prepared all the topics well throughout the exam preparation tenure. It makes some aspirants overconfident, which increases the chances to commit a blunder in the actual MADE EASY National Scholarship Exam – 2. You must ‘scan’ the entire question paper thoroughly to understand the question paper pattern and marks distribution in the respective engineering stream. You will be surprised to know that certain exam aspirants feel confused as soon as they see the actual question paper. Such experiences can happen in the offline exam hall or even in online mode. You need to make sure that you do not let yourself turn into such aspirants. Be confident about your preparation. Put in the required efforts and stay on your track to secure the best possible scores in this National Scholarship exam.
  5. Avoid comparison: If your friends have also signed up to appear for the MADE EASY NST, it is a natural tendency to compare the preparation level and revision strategies with the schedule until the last day before the actual exam. You must devote a certain amount of time to prepare for the online scholarship test with your study companions and prepare well in the competitive space. However, do not get absorbed in the comparison tunnel that usually tends to create a cycle of overthinking. Excessive overthinking has a direct and indirect impact on your overall performance in the actual online scholarship exam. Therefore, you must avoid putting yourself in the comparison trap, especially a few days before the National Scholarship Test – 2, and stick to the basics.
  6. Believe in yourself: You might read and watch several motivational videos to uplift yourself before the online scholarship test. However, you need to keep in your mind that no external source has the power to keep you motivated for longer. Do not expect your friends or family members to shower words of motivation. You must choose to keep your self-esteem high and ditch self-pity, even if you feel and experience distractions trying to pull you down. Take charge of your life and use your determination and consistency to excel in the MADE EASY NST-2 exam to score your desired rank with this scholarship on your tuition fees.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Now, let us find out the answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) linked with the MADE EASY National Scholarship Test – 2.

1. What is a scholarship exam?

Ans. A scholarship exam is a test that an institute or organization conducts to check the knowledge base of the aspirants or candidates taking the test and offer them a scholarship amount based on their exam performance. Earlier, the respective institute or organizations conducted the scholarship exam offline but with the increased use of technology, online scholarship tests became more common for aspirants and institutes.


2. What is the last date to register for the MADE EASY NST-2 exam?

Ans.  The last date to register for MADE EASY NST-2 exam is 21st February 2023.

3. What is the exam date of MADE EASY NST-2 exam?

Ans. The exam date of MADE EASY NST-2 exam is 27th February 2023.


4. What is the application fee for MADE EASY National Scholarship Test-2?

Ans. The application fee for MADE EASY National Scholarship Test-2 is Rs. 100.


5. What is the best scholarship examination for GATE and ESE exams?

Ans. If you are looking for scholarship examinations for GATE and ESE exams, you can register for the MADE EASY National Scholarship Test. This scholarship test is the gateway towards building a bright and promising future via GATE, ESE, and SES exams under expert faculty guidance.


6. What are the course segments on which MADE EASY NST-2 is applicable?

Ans. If you are preparing and appearing for the MADE EASY National Scholarship Exam-2, you must keep in mind that the scholarship percentage will apply to tuition fees. With the help of the MADE EASY NST-2 exam, you will receive scholarships of 100% and 50% for MADE EASY classroom/offline courses and online courses, respectively.


7. How to give the MADE EASY National Scholarship Test?

Ans. Log in to your MADE EASY NST-2 exam account with the email id and password received after the completion of first-time registration. You can log in via MADE EASY NST candidate login section. After you login into the respective account, you can attempt your scholarship exam online to reap the benefits of this national-level scholarship test.


8. What is the result date of MADE EASY NST-2 exam?

Ans. The result date of the MADE EASY National Scholarship Test – 2 is 5th March 2023.

After understanding the most commonly asked questions associated with MADE EASY National Scholarship Test, it’s time to find out the key points to remember about the MADE EASY National Scholarship Test–2.


Points to note while attempting MADE EASY NST-2:

  • You must choose the right answer wisely. If you are unable to find the correct answer for the respective question, make sure you do not leave it empty or attempt wrong in hurry. You must decide to choose the nearest answer (among the options), which is closest to the calculated answer.
  • You can use a calculator depending on the guidelines present in the question paper. Therefore, read the guidelines present in the exam paper before you begin to attempt the questions in the scholarship test’s question paper.
  • Avoid rushing to answer the questions present in the MADE EASY NST-2 exam.

Thus, if you have not yet enrolled in any MADE EASY course and planning to do so, then you must register and appear for the MADE EASY NST-2 exam.

Hope this blog post helps you to understand the last-minute preparation tips and tricks to prepare for the national-level online scholarship test like a topper.


MADE EASY National Scholarship Test day has almost arrived.

Revise and get set to secure the best exam scores with excellent scholarships.

All the best for the MADE EASY NST – 2!

👉 MADE EASY NST Registration


If you have already registered for the MADE EASY National Scholarship Test (NST), you can quickly login into your registered account. Keep the email ID and password details of your MADE EASY NST account handy.


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