Latest ICMAP Publication: Papers, Newsletters and Journals


ICMAP (Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan) takes great pride in its diverse range of publications aimed at providing valuable resources and knowledge to professionals in the field of management accounting. With a focus on promoting excellence and continuous learning, ICMAP publishes a variety of materials that cater to the evolving needs of its members and the broader community.

One of the key offerings is the publication of case studies and technical papers, which delve into real-world scenarios and industry-specific challenges. These resources serve as practical guides, offering insights, analysis, and solutions to complex problems faced by management accountants.

Additionally, ICMAP releases a newsletter that keeps members abreast of the latest developments, news, and updates in the field. The newsletter serves as a valuable communication tool, providing a platform to share industry trends, success stories, and upcoming events.

Furthermore, the prestigious Accountant Journal published by ICMAP is a scholarly publication featuring research articles, thought-provoking discussions, and expert opinions. It serves as a platform for professionals to share their research findings and contribute to the collective knowledge in the field of management accounting.

ICMAP publications serve as a valuable resource for professionals seeking to stay informed, enhance their skills, and stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive industry. These publications reflect ICMAP’s commitment to fostering professional growth, promoting best practices, and advancing the field of management accounting.

In conclusion, ICMAP publications play a crucial role in fostering professional development and knowledge sharing among members. To further enhance your journey, explore the benefits of ICMAP membership and join the thriving community of management accounting professionals.


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