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Literal Equations With Google Slides

I like teaching literal equations because I feel that if students can understand how to manipulate and work with variables, then they will probably be successful in Algebra. From past experience, students often need to work on several practice problems with the teacher. This year, I decided to create a Google Slides activity that provided the general outline of the equation.

Below are pictures of some interactive notebook pages over solving literal equations. I ended up changing up some of the problems from the literal equations book because they matched with the Google Slides activity.

After the notes, students will complete the following Google Slides activity over solving literal equations. Students are able to drag answers on top of the blank boxes provided (Not all boxes will be used).

I haven’t decided on what we are going to use for the second day of solving literal equations…. still working on it! I would love to hear how you teach your students how to solve literal equations!


Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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