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Low Prep Spring Therapy Ideas


Are you in survival mode right now? 

It’s the final stretch before we make it to the end of the year, and if you’re looking for some quick, low-prep therapy ideas for spring, then this episode of SLP Coffee Talk is for you! I’m sharing five free spring therapy ideas that can probably cover you for the next few weeks. 

These activities are great because you can use them for a variety of goals. You can use these activities now or later, but they will help you survive for the remainder of the year until you reach your well-deserved break. 

You’ll learn what these activities are and how you can use them in multiple different ways so that you can target whatever goals you’re working on with your students. The sky is the limit! 


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • A great resource on Colossal Questions 
  • How you can use Simon’s Cat in therapy 
  • Ways to use Mystery Doug for speech therapy 
  • Resources available on Wonderopolis
  • How to use Peck Pocketed in therapy 


So there you have it! These five simple activities can be used in so many ways and should help carry you through the next few weeks of speech therapy while you’re in survival mode. 

Keep comprehension fun! Join the free challenge happening in May! Prizes, freebies, and fun! Learn how you can keep your students engaged through the remainder of the year and spend less time planning! Sign up at



Joke of the Week:

Q: What falls but never gets hurt? 

A: The rain.


Resources Mentioned: 

Check out How Are Rainbows Made – Colossal Questions

Check out Simon’s Cat – Springtime Shorts

Check out Mystery Doug – Why Are Butterflies So Colorful

Check out Wonderopolis Is It Bad Luck To Open An Umbrella Indoors 

Check out Peck Pocketed on


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