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Make Constellations on Your Wall with a Flashlight & Free Printable Star Cards

This super simple star constellation science activity for kids transforms their bedroom in the dark to a starry sky with a flashlight and our free printable constellation cards. Kids of all ages and adults will love the ability to turn constellations on and off while learning the details of some of the most popular constellations.

Let’s make constellations on the wall and ceiling at home!

Flashlight Constellations for kids

We love going outside late at night and observing the stars in the sky. This Flashlight Solar System experiment is a fun way to do that by bringing your favorite constellations inside!

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Flashlight Constellations to Study the Stars

Supplies Needed

Instructions to Make Constellations with a Flashlight

Step 1

Flashlight Solar System Constellation Cards

Cut out the constellation cards and use the needle to poke holes where the stars appear with a thick needle.

Step 2

Tape each constellation card onto the end of a flashlight.

Step 3

Flashlight Solar System

Turn on flashlight. The constellations will shine through when you turn on the light!

Shine your flashlight onto the wall or ceiling to reveal the constellations.

Flashlight Solar System Constellations

The Galaxy is Full of Constellations!

Did you know? There are officially 88 constellations, according to the International Astronomical Union.

How cool is that?!

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What was your favorite flashlight constellation?

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