Maslow Before Bloom


As July comes crashing to a close, I’m thinking a lot

about this upcoming school year, year 39 for me.

And even after almost four decades in education, it’s easy to forget

that we are teaching kids first, then content, that our learners

come to school with invisible backpacks filled with a

kaleidoscope of expectations, experiences and emotions.

That’s why it’s crucial that we spend time not only at the beginning of our school year, but all year long taking care of their Maslow needs by getting to know our class family. Here are some inquiries that you can start with as you help your learners get acquainted with themselves and one another.

Strengthening self-awareness is one of the keys

to strong and healthy relationships and a

Need some additional relationship-building resources?

A tried-and-true way to help our leaners discover who they are, where they’ve been, where they’re going and how they’re going to get there is through literature; I find Professor Bishop’s take on how to use stories really helpful. Here’s a slide I created with more info.

 Enter today’s new release in the Little Mole series.

In Little Mole Goes To School, a somewhat-anxious young student reluctantly heads to school, where he immediately starts the comparison game: He doesn’t see as well, hear as well, or sing as well as the other animals in his class family. Feeling nervous and self-conscious, he’s not sure where he fits in as he questions if he even belongs there. Until recess, that is. When Little Mole and his friends get in a pinch while exploring the great outdoors, it’s those same paws that likely seem too big to write well that end up pinch hitting to save the day. With its be confident about who you are and its celebrate your strengths messages, this little tale is sure to be a window and/or a mirror for your newest class of scientists this year. As a bonus in the back, learn more about moles, larks, hares and squirrels as well as how to help a child who is anxious about starting school. 

Add this paws-itively adorable story about these four forest friends to your #B2S shelves and use it as a springboard to create a This Is Me heart map, bio-poem or timeline. How do you Maslow so they can Bloom?




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