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MindSpark Learning Offers New Responsible AI Course for Educators — THE Journal

Generative AI

MindSpark Learning Offers New Responsible AI Course for Educators

education training and consulting organization MindSpark
has added a new on-demand course to its foundation AI training
library: “Responsible AI (RAI).” The course, for teachers and
school administrators, was created with the help of generative AI,
and is not just “about artificial intelligence — it is
artificial intelligence,” according to the organization.

idea for the course is that “the most effective way to learn about
AI is from the technology itself, creating an interactive experience
unmarred by overly technical lectures,” the organization said in a
release. The course introduces AI and its features, but also
demonstrates AI in performance and examines ethical issues involved
in using it responsibly by both educators and students.

may have helped MindSpark write the course, but can it help write
lesson plans?

test that theory here, gaining relevant and authentic case examples
of how this technology applies to your life, your job, and to
students’ education,” MindSpark said in a release.

the end of the course, according to an introductory video, learners
can expect to have achieved eight goals:

  1. Describe AI and its various forms;

  2. Explain AI’s importance and what problems it addresses;

  3. Describe an RAI human-centered design;

  4. Outline RAI anti-bias solutions;

  5. Identify the ethical issues of using AI;

  6. Describe and discuss the positive aspects of explainable AI (XAI).

  7. List what goes into a secure AI system that can be monitored;

  8. Discuss the elements of justifiable AI in classroom use.

creation of this course used several features: NLP (Natural Language
Processing) for video scripts, text-to-speech audio narration,
talking video avatars, Dall-E 2 image generation, and ChatGPT to
answer questions and create lesson plans. Participants will be asked
to give feedback on the various outputs used in course material
creation and how AI can assist in this. Educators will also learn the
limitations of AI and discuss how it can best help them in creating
their own course materials.

to the Responsible
AI course page
to learn more. Cost of the course is
$199. Go
here to sign up

may also be interested in MindSpark’s nine free foundational live
and on-demand AI webinars. MindSpark partnered with IBM to form IBM
AI Education, an online, immersive suite of professional webinars
that teach AI concepts and their K–12 classroom applications.
Topics include an introduction to AI, NLP, AI ethics, and robotics.
To learn more and see webinar topics, visit the IBM
AI Education page

an article debunking myths about AI, read MindSpark’s blog “Why
Artificial Intelligence Belongs in ALL K–12 Classrooms.”

imperative for teachers to learn how to infuse their content and
curriculum with the knowledge, skills, and values driving innovation
in AI today so that their students are prepared to be successful in
the modern workforce, regardless of their career paths,” the
organization said. “AI is here. It’s important to learn about,
teach, and understand, and MindSpark is here to help to guide,
nurture, educate and light the fuse that generates success – your
success teaching your students.”

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.

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