My 5 Favorite Foldable Templates

This post is dedicated to my 5 favorite foldable templates. I create 99.5% of my foldables and activities in PowerPoint. At the bottom of this post, I have shared a Google Drive folder with the following templates.

If you decide to use any of my foldable templates, then I ask that you DO NOT sell your foldables on any website. Please share with your colleagues!

Template #1: Flip-Book with 5 Topics

Flip-books work great for study guides or as “notes” for a unit. The picture below is an example of a flip-book that I made with 5 topics. I included the directions on how to set up the flip-book in the folder.

Template #2: Foldable with Four Flaps

I like using this template if I am covering four topics that do not require many practice problems. This type of foldable works well with definitions and one practice problem. 

Template #3: Foldable with Two Flaps

Template #4: Foldable with Four Flaps

Template #5: Foldable with Three Flaps

Here are some hints when working with PPT:

  • Use Guides to help line up text boxes and diagrams (Double click in empty space –> Guides –> Guides)
  • Save documents as a PDF so that I have more printing options (File –> Save As –> File Format –> PDF)

If this is helpful and you would like to know more about how I create activities, then please let me know! If you are used to working with PPT and I forgot to add a helpful hint, then please let know so I can add it to this post. 


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