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Building a classroom community or classroom family is so important in preschool. A lot of times preschool is the first experience in school. Little kids learn to make friends, be in school, become more independent, and even have disagreements. Having opportunities to act as a special group, while being made up of individuals is important. And creating class books is one way to make this happen in the classroom. The name class book is a way to make this happen at the beginning of the year as we head back to school!

The name class book can be downloaded from the pink button below. The file includes a direction page, a cover page for the book, and a page for each letter of the alphabet.

Print the cover page on colored paper and the letter pages that will be used on white paper. The pages that need to be printed are the pages that have the letters that start with each of your preschooler’s names. The class book will not include every letter of the alphabet. 

Each preschooler in your class will have one page of the book to complete. The preschoolers will practice recognizing the first letter in their name and use their fine motor skills to decorate that letter.


On the directions page, there are different suggestions as to how to decorate the letter on the page. 

At the beginning of the year, it may be easier to prep whatever will be on the letter. If you want to cover the letter in paper pieces, cut small squares instead of having your preschoolers tear paper to then glue on. 

The beginning of the year is all about having your preschoolers learn to be big kids. At first they do not have the stamina to sit for a longer period of time to complete a job. And you do not want to add frustration to a fun activity if possible.

Your preschooler can simply color the letter with crayons or markers. They can also cover it in tissue paper or watercolor it. 

If you are all into glitter, you could have your preschoolers paint the letter with liquid glue (water it down just a little bit) and then have them shake glitter on it. 

Your preschooler’s name will go on the bottom line of the page. Your preschoolers can write their name or you can.

It would be neat to create a name book at the beginning of the year, at the middle of the year, and then again at the end. You would be able to see the progression and growth of their decoration as well as how they write their name!

Ideas for Class Books in Preschool

Class books are a great way to encourage early reading skills! 

But after you create them with your class, what should you do with them?

Before I put the class book together, sometimes I will hang the pages on a bulletin board in the room. We practice finding each other’s pages and reading them. With some groups of preschoolers, I will have them read their page to us before they line up, or go sit at the table.

I know some teachers who send the books home to each family. There is a risk with this practice, but it can be so fun for the preschoolers to show off their class books. I would recommend laminating the pages before sending them home. 

Reading the books at circle time just like any other book can easily be part of your routine each morning. This will encourage your preschoolers to read the books on their own or with a partner because they will soon be able to memorize them or predict the text.

At the end of the year, I will take the books all apart. I will create a book cover for each child and then add all of their pages from the year to their own book to take home and keep forever. Families love this!






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