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National Library Week 2023: There’s More to the Story

Libraries are full of stories in a variety of formats from picture books to large print, audiobooks to ebooks, and more. But there’s so much more to the story. To celebrate the American Library Association’s National Library Week 2023, we are introducing readers to four staff members who work behind the scenes at the Internet Archive, helping connect patrons with our collections, services and programs.

Charles, metadata
What does it take to manage, match & share bibliographic metadata at scale? Check in with our “metadata wrangler,” Charles.

Liz, donations
For our donations manager, Liz, preserving books, records, films & other media helps “connect people to lost stories and help memories live on.” Learn more about Liz and her work helping to preserve media & stories for generations to come.

Caitlin, events
If there’s an event at the Internet Archive, chances are Caitlin has had a hand in making it happen. Find out how Caitlin helps “soothe the organization” and keeps things running on schedule.

Brenton, user experience (coming Thursday, April 27)

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Rizwan Ahmed
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