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Need More Yearbooks? – Entourage Yearbooks

Yearbook season has arrived! Do you want to use online sales to sell more yearbooks after they’ve already been printed, want parents to be able to buy books directly from Entourage at any point in the future, or place another bulk order of your yearbook? Entourage Yearbooks has you covered. Let’s discuss some options you can use to buy or sell more yearbooks even after your yearbooks have gone through production.

Option 1: Post-Approval Sales

Post-Approval Sales refers to being able to sell extra copies of your yearbook (not your original order) directly to parents through Entourage’s online store perpetually. This option can be turned on even after your book has been ordered and delivered. You can access the ability to turn on Post-Approval Sales both in the Manage Yearbook Sales area of the website as well as on the Final Production Approval Form itself. 

Post-Approval Sales do not make the school any money and sell directly to parents, shipping to their homes. They can be turned on even when online sales are off; to turn on post-approval sales, go to Manage > Manage Yearbook Sales > Setup Online Sales, then scroll to the bottom of the page. Parents have to pay shipping, but the price of post-approval sales is automatically set by Entourage. The cost will be slightly higher than the original sale price as these sales are a one-off print. Post-Approval sales books will arrive 4-8 weeks after the yearbook’s original delivery date. Note that they will not deliver with the school’s yearbook order.

Post-Approval Sales are the best option for advisors who do not plan to make a profit from any late book sales, want extra books to ship directly to homes, and do not want to worry about keeping track of orders.

Option 2: Inventory Sales

Use Inventory Sales to sell copies of your yearbook from your original order directly to parents through Entourage’s online store until a deadline that has been prearranged. This option can be turned on during the Final Production Approval process. Say you have sold 50 books through online sales but will be purchasing 75 when you go to print. You can turn on Inventory Sales for 25 more books. This way, parents who want to purchase one of the extra 25 books the school has ordered can do so through the online storefront instead of giving the school cash or a check. 

These sales are school sales done through the online store and make the school a profit. They ship normally because these books are not separate from the original order like in Post-Approval Sales. They are part of the bulk shipment that arrives at the school on the delivery date. These sales can be turned on during the final production approval process, and the school itself sets the price. Use this option if you want to sell books that you plan to pay for at the time of final approval but have not yet sold internally. With Inventory Sales, please remember to keep an eye on your Manage Online Sales page so you know who purchased what book and can distribute accordingly once books are delivered.

The Inventory Sales option is best for those who plan to make a profit from late book sales, are willing to keep track of orders, and those who are able to distribute books directly to buyers themselves. 

Option 3: Reorder

Using an additional order, you can reorder more copies of your yearbook. This option is available anytime after you approve your book for print by going to Manage > Manage Ladder > Reorder More Yearbooks. These books are bulk orders and ship as normal to the single delivery location of your choice. The minimum quantity for a reorder is 5 books with a $50 setup fee or 20 books with no setup fee (please note, if you have any special upgrades, they may affect the setup cost of a reorder.).

Reorders are a great option for advisors that are receiving requests for extra books from more than 20 buyers.

These are some of the available options Entourage Yearbooks has available for orders made past production. You can contact us today to learn more about reorders, post-approval sales, and inventory sales and enjoy flexibility when it comes to ordering yearbooks for your school. Make lasting memories by using Entourage Yearbooks’ innovative services to serve you and your yearbook needs.

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