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New Enhancements to our Yearbook Builder

Editor requests are at the top of Treering’s to-do list, from introducing a yearbook donation option to click-and-go Heritage Covers. Last year’s Glow Up kicked off this design enhancement. Bottom line: your story evolves, so why shouldn’t your yearbook software?

Yearbook editors requested these design tools because they facilitate editing ease, consistency in design, and layer management. 

Grouping Feature

By grouping related elements on your spread, it’s easier to edit or modify them collectively. This helps when working on modules or spreads with numerous design elements or layers. A click simplifies the design process and enhances overall efficiency.

Lock Feature

Locking page elements prevents unnecessary edits, especially when working with layers. This feature locks and unlocks theme art, photographs, and text boxes.

When collaborating with others on yearbook design, these features are valuable because they help maintain consistency while giving you increased control over the editing process.

More Space to Create

The most noticeable change is in the yearbook builder: new menus “provide more horizontal space” (that’s user interface speak for Chromebook-friendly).

This includes:

  • Moving the navigation and most common editing tools to the top toolbars
  • Using the left panel for less-used design features (think glow and drop-shadows)
  • Introducing “fit to screen” as a zoom option
  • Placing the page switcher, help buttons, notes, and editors in the bottom toolbar

And unless you change the settings, the page builder automatically adjusts so your canvas is always visible.

“How Do I Get Rid of the Red Lines?”

Error notifications moved from the page to the right panel.

Use the new page warning tray to manage duplicate images, low-resolution images, margin warnings, and spelling errors. If it’s irrelevant (“Why, yes, I do want that bleed”), hit ignore and move on.

Your Account

The dashboard continues to be your control center: edit deadlines, cover finishes, and page count with a click. Two updates give you more power.


Your Editor Checklist is now a Quick Links bar: stay on track and get help ITM by watching videos or using our editor guides. Yearbook pro? Minimize the list and get to work.

Use the menu on the top right to handle your business.

Switching Between Roles

The top navigation bar also gives parents who double as editors a centralized access point for all their school associations.

  • Profile switcher allows an easy switch between editor and parent account
  • School switcher helps editors move between multiple campuses or organizations

New Look, Same Treering

Version 7 puts your creation center stage.

By changing out our green, your book will dominate the look of the new interface. This school-first design reminds us that Treering is in the memory-making business because of you

Happy yearbooking!

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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